Kids Night, “The greatest show on the Londonderry Common”

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Feeling more like a three ring circus without the bleachers surrounding the rings the Londonderry Town Common set another record in history last night. Thousands of children, parents and grandparents came out to enjoy the second day of Old Home Day in Londonderry.

The acts stretched from the Lions Hall once the Londonderry Town hall, through the common along the stone wall bordering the town forest. There the Lions cooked meals that many mom, dad and child enjoyed in the grassy lawn by the wall. The Knights of Columbus were bathed in the warm glow of the popcorn popper. Not sure if they were pulling our leg but the said it was the best night ever! They said the same thing last year time will tell the common was full of people munching out of bags so it must be so.

At the end of the wall performers from a dozen organizations and entertainment vendors mussed backstage before the what you would think was the performance of a lifetime. Looking out from the stage entrance to the crowd it was not hard to see why you may have a few butterfly’s! It looked like over a thousand children encircled the stage 40 deep at some points. None could sit still, looking more like the Knights corn in the popper. Only mesmerized by the demonstrations or entertainment between acts the crowd shifted for the best view. With participatory acts like Mad Science, lots of children were right up front with a “pick me, pick me” attitude.

With a line 30 or more long, the only way to maintain order at the Bektash Clowns balloon animal birthing center was to place a Keystone Cop clown at the end of the line. Swinging his plastic night stick he kept the little hooligans in order! Of course it was all in fun, after all these little ones had long ago learned at Moose Hill how to be line leaders. The progression to a personalized balloon animal was orderly an a lot of fun too!

Each school PTA had set up activity booths, the pressure was on at the Moose Hill ring toss, as the 2 and 3rd graders attempted a “ringer” they were warned by those standing by, “if you miss it will be back to Moose Hill for you!” Local learning centers and child care organizations joined in, all with free fun events for the children. The KinderCare Learning Center created a green goo for the kids to sculpt and form with. Although they were offering the recipe to take home, by the look in mom’s face, she would leave the bright green stuff as a Londonderry Common adventure.

With the appearance of larger than life cartoon characters around every corner of the common, faces lit up as mom’s and dad’s lost control of their child when they bolted to hug Mickey, Minny, Donald, Eeore, Pooh, Tigger or the Giant Cat in the Hat. Patient lifelike Toons waited for parents and media outlets to snap some shots to share with family and friends. Walk with care near the outfield of the Bandstand you may run into a 16 foot snake! Wildlife Encounters had all sorts of animals roaming loose. The huge tortoise was more interested in munching on the fresh trimmed grass on the common than paying attention to the children petting it. Can the feel that through the shell?

Under careful watch of timers the bounce houses staked down in the center of the Town Common provided springy steps and abundant laughter to the 5 to 8 year old children. The only break was when a Mickey or Tigger would peak in through the safety ropes on the side. Londonderry Police, Fire and the Londonderry Reserve center had kids crawling all over the cruiser, fire truck and Humvee’s. Turnout gear and army apparel was a favorite dress up item for the kids. You knew it had to happen at some point, after dark the kids found the siren and light switches on the Londondery Police Car. That got peoples attention!

New this year the Roaming Railroad had to be relocated to the Lions hall, it all worked out fine with full train loads every 5 minutes for just a few dollars. The proud conductor could not help but make sure we got some great shots of his train and new adoring fans young and old. View the Londonderry Hometown Online News Darkroom to view the images. Be sure to enjoy the hundreds of Kidz Night photos captured on the common. See someone you know? Be sure to share it with them!

Click HERE to view them all! Or watch this slide show, click on any image for a larger version.

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Two thumbs up for Londonderry Old Home Day Kidz Night 2009!


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