Londonderry Labor Day Picnics

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The Londonderry United Soccer Club Labor Day tournament concluded last night with thousands spread across fields throughout town. If the soccer field directional signs had not given it away, you would have thought Londonderry was having a “Mini Van” homecoming!

On scenic roadways, cul-de-sacs, crossroads, parks and even in the village in North Londonderry friends and family gather to grill some dogs, break some bread and enjoy what has clearly been the best weather weekend of the summer! Not quite as some would like but clean clear crisp air many will enjoy as we enter the fall u-pick season.

Hannaford, Market Basket and Shaws are packed with customers out for today’s items, they thank you for supporting them! Have you looked inside the farm Markets? You may be surprised to see what they have!

The Hicks are trying some new vegetables this year, they even had some hot peppers new to the stand. Danny was telling us about a 1 and 1/2 pound peach they had last week, not the bag of peaches one peach! Londonderry sure has become the peach capital of central New England. Plums, apricots, blueberries, raspberries and half a dozen other types of fruit lined the display counters and barrels in the Sunnycrest store. One “personal sized” watermelon screamed out alone from the top shelf of one case looking for a person to take it home.

Dan Hicks, some think for therapy in his retirement years, is trying out all sorts of new items in the store. These carrots were interesting, until we found out a new secret about Sunnycrest Farms. Did you know they make cider all year long, before you go looking in the case, it is destine for a higher purpose. When Pigs Fly Bread uses the cider in baking their artisan breads, as the season for apples comes in the famous New England cider will be back on the shelves.

Did you know Sunnycrest cider is not pasteurized?

“When Pigs Fly” can use it since the purify it when cooking the fine breads they manufacture. Since it is available as a “raw” apple product, many in the region are known to obtain it in the fall to turn into hard cider.

Getting a little late in the season for corn, but the ears at Sunnycrest boil up or roast out with big plump kernels of sweet corn. Kids’ don’t tell your mom how good they taste this year, she thinks it is a vegetable! It will take 9 months to see corn this good again, grab some for today.

Did you know you can roast corn on the grill?

Do not strip the ears in the store or at home (trust us they are all fine inside) then put them upside down in a big pot full of water. Silk, husks and all do not open them up. After a few hours you can remove any long strands that may flare up, and roast them on the grill. Get dad or some other person celebrating labor day that has labored with callused hands to strip them after 20 minutes of cooking or so.

While we did not shoot the entire store this weekend, you can see many of the products available in our darkroom. You may notice the last item, the giant cookies, and cider donuts… vegetables first, desert second.

Click HERE to view some of Sunnycrest’s produce in the darkroom. Don’t Do pick the flowers!

Personal sized Watermelons available at the Sunnycrest Farm Store in Londonderry, NH

Personal sized Watermelons available at the Sunnycrest Farm Store in Londonderry, NH


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