First Annual Think Outside the Run

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The first annual Think Outside the Run will be held May 28th at Mack’s Apples in Londonderry. This 5K is a great opportunity for participants to run or walk the Adam’s Pond Trail at Mack’s while helping people around the world.

The run is being sponsored by a team of four women, Michelle Aellen, Lynne Lorentsen, Jes Moore, and Evy Houle, who will be traveling to Rwanda next month. The women, associated with the Manchester Christian Church, will be travel abroad where they will offer workshops, community screenings, home visits, and support groups. They hope to provide further education about HIV and Aids to those in Africa. All proceeds from the 5K will benefit the women’s efforts.

Join fellow runners and walkers for a good cause at Mack’s at 230 Mammoth Road, Londonderry, New Hampshire. The 5K will begin at 9:30 AM on May 28, 2011.

Registration is currently open for ages 12 and older and will close at 9:15 AM the morning of the race. Cost for participants is $35. If you are unable to participate in the race, but would still like to make a contribution, donations can be made at the run’s website. Also, visit their website for more information or to register!


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