Largest Market Basket in New Hampshire Opens this Week!

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Already a destination supermarket located at exit 4 on Interstate 93 in Londonderry, shoppers come from miles around even northern Massachusetts to shop.

Largest Market Basket in New Hampshire Opened June 5th 2011

Londonderry’s Market Basket will close its doors this Saturday, June 4, 2011, after over 23 years in operation. The 51,000 square foot store opened on May 18, 1988 and has served the community well, offering quality products at some of the area’s lowest prices. Just twelve hours after closing, the new Market Basket, only a parking lot away, will open its doors. More than double the size of the old, the new store measures in at a whopping nearly 108,000 square feet.

What’s in Store?
The new Market Basket will offer consumers between 56,000 and 57,000 product varieties, while the old only offered about 40,000. New product lines include gluten free and all natural. Gluten free products are marked by green tags next to prices, making such products easier to find.

David McLean talks about the fresh seafood counter at the new Market Basket.

Department expansions include a much larger health and beauty selection, a sixteen-foot fresh seafood area, and wine and beer aisles with over 1,000 varieties. Beer and wine selections include a section of locally brewed wines from wineries in towns like Lee and Hampton, New Hampshire, as well as Londonderry’s own mead from Moonlight Meadery. Also featured are specialty and craft beers. The new store will also offer wine and beer tastings, to those of age, every Friday and Saturday.

Freshly squeezed orange juice is made to order at the Market's Cafe.

Special Features
The store will be home to Market’s Kitchen and Market’s Cafe, which offer great tasting, freshly prepared foods to customers. The kitchen offers eight varieties of food classifications, from NIJU Sushi and pizza, to subs, dinners and salads. David McLean, Operations Manager for Market Basket, explained that the type of sushi was special to Market Baskets only. He added that all ordered food was made to order, with fresh produce and ingredients. “Everything’s prepared in front of you. It’s not made out back then brought to the front,” he explained.

Market’s Cafe, just around the corner from the kitchen, offers choices like coffee, smoothies, soft serve ice cream and cake. Freshly squeezed orange juice can also be purchased, made the moment it’s ordered. Patrons can take their food and beverages to the cafe’s seating area, where large screen televisions and WiFi are available.

With a new, bigger store, many may expect a jump in product prices. All will be pleasantly surprised, however, to find prices will stay the same. McLean ensured there would be no jump in prices and spoke of an independent survey which states that “DeMoulas Market Basket had prices that averaged 21 percent lower than the average of those found at surveyed stores belonging to Shaw’s and Stop & Shop, the area’s largest chains.” Click here for more on that survey.

If the lowest prices in the area aren’t enough, the new store will have a special circular during the first week. Customers will find extra deals, available at the Londonderry store only, offering more savings. And if that’s still not enough, McLean hinted that representatives from brand name companies (Kellog’s, etc.) will be making visits to the store, offering even more savings!

Market Basket People
According to Mark Lemieux, Store Manager at Londonderry’s Market Basket, the store has hired 150 new employees to ensure a smooth transition. Lemieux reported that, currently, the old store sees about 24,000 customers per week go through the 16 registers. There’s no telling how that number will change when the new store opens. One thing he says won’t change is the way the store is run. He believes that, as a manager, part of the responsibility is to be on the floor, working and talking to the customers. “You get a rapport with customers,” Lemieux said. He plans to continue working with customers in the new store, as well.

Plans for the Old Store
As shoppers clear the shelves this week at the old Market Basket, employees will cease to replenish the products. It’s expected that 25% of the products will be left by closing Saturday night, but they will not be filtered into the new store. Insider’s Tip: Saturday evening at the old Market Basket, shoppers will find extraordinary deals as workers attempt to clear the shelves for the last time!

The old Londonderry Market Basket store will close this Saturday, June 4, 2011, at 7 PM. Great deals are being offered!

When asked what the plans are for the old store, David McLean said that’s yet to be decided.

Comparing Statistics

  • The new store will have 625 shopping carriages; the old only has 325.
  • While the old store has 16 cash registers; the new will have 22.
  • Shopping aisles at the new store are two to three feet wider than those at the old store.
  • The new store will be the second largest, after the Chelsea, Massachusetts store; it will be the largest Market Basket in New Hampshire, however.
  • The Chelsea store measures in at 135,000 square feet; Londonderry’s new store comes in at just under 108,000 square feet.
  • The new Londonderry store will still be larger than the Hooksett, New Hampshire store, currently under construction; the Hooksett store will measure only 77,000 square feet.

Be sure to watch this slide show to get a virtual tour inside the new store before it opens! Click here if you’d like to visit the darkroom to browse hundreds of pictures of the new store.


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