Four Major Farmstands Open in Londonderry

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Roadside stands also dot the scenic byways in town!

Take a drive down the country roads of Londonderry this week your sure to find a farmstand open in most any part of town.  In the north Merrill’s was once again first out with apples.  The new white washed self serve stand and the clean paved parking lot finished last summer have plenty of room for parking while you shop.  Don’t forget the eggs!  Farm fresh and available in many other southern New Hampshire Farmstands, the difference at this location?  Direct from the hen to you.

Mack’s Apples opened Monday August 9th, early but they have a huge harvest of fresh vegetables and early Jersey Mac apples too.  Andy Mack Jr. has been twittering away, you may have seen several “re-tweets” in our breaking news lots of peppers even huge Jalapeno’s the size of his hand!  Fresh eggplant, squash, boccoli, corn and zucchini are fresh picked and waiting for you to check them out.

Sunnycrest has been going strong since Strawberries opened in June, they are put to bed for the rest of the year but other U-Pick’s like blueberries are available Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.  The farmstand is stocked with fresh apples and a large variety of vegetables.  The selection will only get better as the week and month go on.

Why not stop in to the Sunnycrest Farmstand? While our happy little apple boy on the wall inside the farm stand rebuilt from old barn parts years ago by the Hick’s brothers is begging “Apples Please!” do not fear, the store has a small selection and the dozens of varieties are not far away. Till then, why not pick up some fresh produce, corn, tomatoes, squash, beans and raspberries all fresh and local is waiting for you nice and dry inside.

Should have rain this week, nothing like shopping in a local Londonderry Farmstand and listening to the rain hit the tin roof!

The Elwood farmstand is stocked with a large variety of vegetables.  This is a great place to pick up true local Londonderry Corn.  Wayland now in his 90’s still keeping the crows off the fields with his long gun.    The U-Pick tomatoes should be ready soon.  A great deal if you like to can or make salsa.  They are sold by the big bushel basket, it’s not like picking up a tomato or two for your salad, though they have those too.  The vegetable selection will only get better as the farms work their way into the fall.

Stop into all four of these farmstands often this summer and fall, the selection is always changing.  Be sure to pull off the road and help the boutique farms and backyard growers.    If you live in Londonderry this is one of the reasons you moved here.  If you don’t we think this is the reason you will want to visit us often!


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Relocating to Londonderry in 1982 Steve Young was looking to find a community that was close to the high technology beltway in Massachusetts. It also needed to have farms and orchards like the one he lived on in Upstate New York near Lake Ontario. Serving on a variety of Local Boards and Commissions he understands the unique nature of Londonderry. Surrounded by a transportation infrastructure the core of Londonderry are farms and recreation.
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