Old Home Day Kidz Night Again in Londonderry

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What has multiple personalities, wide eyes, red noses, and big ears? What is bouncy, giggly, sticky, and messy, but so much fun? Londonderry’s Old Home Day Kidz Night, of course! As the second night of festivities in this town tradition, its sure to make the kids smile. An event that’s brought more than 2,000 people in the past, this year’s surely won’t disappoint!

Tomorrow night, the kids will be popping around Fun Bounce’s bounce houses like the popcorn the Knights of Columbus will bring. Uncle Benz ice cream will be licked and scooped as all eyes are fixated on the shows taking place on the Bandstand. Faces will be painted like Spiderman, Batman, butterflies and flowers as little hands pet new and exciting animals.

The Lions will be cooking hot dogs, burgers and other delicious barbecue treats while clowns make balloon animals of all sizes. The Roaming Railroad will be back again, but be sure the kids don’t jump from the moving train to chase their favorite cartoon characters.

Londonderry’s PTAs will be hosting games, competitions, and more games! The ring toss threatens to send second and third graders back to Moose Hill, and a local child care center offers an interesting green goo for the children to play and sculpt with.

All the fun starts tomorrow, August 18, 2011, at 5:30 PM on the Town Common. With a few sad faces, Kidz Night will end at 8 PM. In the event of rain, the night will be moved to the Londonderry High School Gym. Activities are best suited for children under 10 years of age.

2011 Participants include:

  • Londonderry Drumline
  • Londonderry Dance Academy
  • Miss Londonderry
  • Fun Bounce
  • Roaming Raceway and Railroad
  • Special Characters
  • Granite State Zoo

Be sure to check out the images from the past few years Old Home Day Kidz Nights!
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