Don’t miss the smells, sounds and sights of Londonderry Farms

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Not sure if it was Danny or just mother nature, but the side doors on the packing house at Sunnycrest created a nice wind tunnel with the west wind breeze blowing through to the farmstand this weekend.  Thing is it also blew right by the bakery.  That aroma flowed not only through the farmstand, it also traveled right out the front door, down the walk and into High Range Road.

A Londonderry Farm tour has plenty of sights and sounds to capture your attention.   The bright orange pumpkins poking from the pumpkin patches this morning were framed with yellow orange flowers that should not be there.  By this time in Londonderry we should have had a frost that would have knocked down those flute shaped flowers in the fields.

While checking out the magical pumpkin patch at Sunnycrest farm Saturday morning the goats were bleating from across the street.  Looking for some young kids, the human type, to drop a quarter in the machine and provide a little feed.  The morning rain had not kept away visitors to the farmstands although, the U-Pick activity looked a little light.

Why if you had your car windows down, you got a memory of mom cooking bread and cookies rolling through your car whether you wanted it or not!  Could be nature or could be marketing by Danny Hicks the owner and manager of Sunnycrest, you decide.

Smell the bakery aroma flowing out the farmstand door?

Back to that Magical Pumpkin Patch, quite an oddity to see the you pick flowers, corn stalks and pumpkins all side by side.  It won’t be long till the frost and then the freeze leaves nothing but the apples left for U-Pick.

Get out next weekend!  Farm fresh local vegetables and fruit in a larger than normal variety is waiting for you.

If you are from out of town follow this map to Sunnycrest Farm, just click the for directions, we would be happy to show you around our bit of paradise.



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Relocating to Londonderry in 1982 Steve Young was looking to find a community that was close to the high technology beltway in Massachusetts. It also needed to have farms and orchards like the one he lived on in Upstate New York near Lake Ontario. Serving on a variety of Local Boards and Commissions he understands the unique nature of Londonderry. Surrounded by a transportation infrastructure the core of Londonderry are farms and recreation.
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