Labor Day Weekend, Mack’s Apples Farmstand, Family Friendly

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You may be thinking lakes region in New Hampshire this weekend just 45 minutes north of Londonderry, but just off exit 4 on Route 102 Mack’s Apples parking lot was full.   Not fall full, but a good crowd considering the afternoon temps were around 80 and quite humid.  Soon the night chill will have everyone thinking of apples!

We could not get near the farmstand, for we had to pass by the tables set up by the Londonderry Senior Citizens Inc. group in front of the stand.  A warm day, it was nice they could be under cover to keep cool.

Bake Sale, table nearly empty, Sr. Group with quilt

President Gladys Frederick said, “We have had a great day, very busy since this morning as you can see we have a small selection left.” Asking if any Zucchini Bread was left, we were greeted with a “Oh, let us know next time we’ll set one aside.”   We grabbed a tray of chocolate chip cookies, vowed to get up a bit earlier the next time and put the Sunnycrest bakery on our next stop.

Remember on any weekend day you will find a group out with a bake sale at Mack’s apples.  Be sure to arrive early for the chance of picking up a full loaf of fresh artisan bread or a warm apple pie.

Back to the Farmstand

Could not help but get a glimpse of one of Moose Hill’s workers preparing cleaning and chilling huge tomatoes fresh from the field.  Hidden behind the three dimensional Mack’s Apple, I guess visitors weren’t supposed to see him.

Fresh Corn spills out on the table made up to look like a cart, got us thinking of the old Apple Shuttle, and how it used to take people around the farm and even between Mack’s and the start of the parade at Old Home Day. Prices were at 65 cents a ear, a bit higher than Col. Merrill’s, understandable, Mack’s is located right on 128 with a lot of traffic.  Funny thing, both farms are located on Mammoth Road, the old stage route from Lowell to Concord.  Just happens that one got cut off from the main route of traffic when the route 28 connected with 102.

Sweet Corn spills onto a homemade cart at a Londonderry Farmstand

Mack’s expanded this year, may we say with some  prompting, the local grown in Londonderry soil selection of vegetables this year.  What a great move by Andy Mack Jr. to fill the covered area with the best looking, cleanest and plump when it should be vegetables.

Half a dozen types of peppers, tomatoes, cherry and softball size, cover the  apple crates on a handmade slanted table.  The cucumbers, squash and eggplant are just the right size and not overgrown.  You won’t have to deal with those big seeds in this farm fresh crop.

Hand picked tree ripe peaches in homemade wood trays on a skid at a Londonderry FarmThe main event is the hand selected, hand picked, hand packed, and handled with care peaches.  The largest in Londonderry by far, and protected by the custom wood containers built in the past few years.  The crop is small this year so no U-Pick, if you are a peach fan you should get out as often as you can in the next few weeks.

While the skid of containers we captured in the backroom just moved in on a forklift may look bountiful, the local appetite for this fruit is there to match.  Add that to the smart tourists who know it’s time to visit Londonderry, even though the temps have not dropped, demand could not be higher.

Half dozen types of apples are now in the farm stand, along with two early pear varieties.  Fresh made early cider, pressed just 50 feet away from the display refrigeration unit it is sold in sits along side milk in glass bottles.  Of course the kids go for the sweet Squamscot Fruit Bowl, old fashioned soda made in Newfields, New Hampshire.  These drinks are made with cane sugar and not the fructose syrup in the mas produced drinks.

Apple bags full in the foreground with a farmstand checkout line of customers at Mack's in Londonderry, New Hampshire

Locals and Tourists line up at Mack’s Apples farmstand in Londonderry, New Hampshire. Click image for more photos of a local four farmstand tour

If you don’t mind a long line even with two registers running (local tip go to the one on the south wall if it’s open, the line is shorter) this farm has one of the best selections of local grown fruit and vegetables in southern new Hampshire.

Visit Mack’s Apples at 230 Mammoth Road, Londonderry. Browse this map for complete directions.


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