Londonderry Business Does Business with Local Distributor

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L. Knife and Son, a Massachusetts beverage distributor, announced a new partnership with Moonlight Meadery LLC, a mead brewing company that began in the Londonderry home of Michael Fairbrother. Moonlight Meadery began last year when Fairbrother was approved to commercially produce and sell his meads from his home; the company quickly flourished and within months had moved to a larger building across town.

Michael Fairbrother, founder of Moonlight Meadery and mead maker.

Since the move, Moonlight meads have been popping up on shelves everywhere. Available in the new Market Basket since its opening, Shaw’s supermarkets, several Massachusetts bars and stores, even The Drinkery at Tupelo Music Hall here in town, the meads are proving very popular.

“With an extremely unique selection of over 40 federally approved different varieties of meads, ranging from dry; semi-sweet; sweet to spicy, we are pleased to add a world class, local mead to our esteemed portfolio of artisanal beverages” said Michael Brazel, VP of Sales at L. Knife & Sons.

“It’s all about the passion for incredible mead.” proclaims Michael Fairbrother founder/mead maker, “We are very excited about having L. Knife & Son, Craft Brewers Guild of Boston, and Seaboard Products as distributors for our fans.”

L.Knife and Son was founded in 1898 and has remained a family-owned company for four generations. The company has grown to include an importing company and 12 distribution operations. The distribution operations will send Fairbrother’s mead, along with other select beverages, to all areas of Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Virginia, Washington DC and Wisconsin.

To learn more about Moonlight Meadery’s beginnings and move read Moonlight Meadery Adds Romance to Londonderry and Londonderry Meadery to Host Grand Opening in New Location.

To learn more about L. Knife and Son Companies, click here.


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