Mack’s to Host Track Club Bake Sale

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A hotspot during the late summer and well into the fall, Mack’s Apples is more than just an orchard providing quality fruits and vegetables to residents and visitors. The farm, located near the heart of Londonderry, hosts a number of events throughout the year, from 5k runs to bake sales.

The Londonderry High School Track and Cross Country Club will host a bake sale today at Mack’s Apples. Beginning Sunday, September 25, 2011, at 9 AM, baked goodies like pecan pie, whoopee pies, blueberry buckle, and chocolate peanut butter bars. The bake sale will end at 4 PM Sunday.

Proceeds from the bake sale will benefit both the boys and girls winter, spring and cross country teams. The club will use the money to fund the scholarship program for graduating seniors, trips to away meets, equipment, and other things that may come up throughout the year.

Be sure to stop in and buy some delicious treats this weekend, or any other weekend at Mack’s on Mammoth Road!


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