NH Fall Hunting Season Begins

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Seen here is a map of all of New Hampshire's Wildlife Management Units. Londonderry is located in section "M"; click for a larger image.

New Hampshire hunting season has begun again in many parts of the state. Though certain restrictions apply, bears, deer, ducks and turkey, among other animals, may be taken by shotgun and archery this hunting season. The restrictions include age and licensing requirements, as well as the type of animal taken and by what method in various parts of the state.

Age restrictions are as follows:

•Hunters 16 and over must have completed the hunter’s education course and purchased a hunting license.
•Hunters under 16 must be accompanied by an adult over the age of 18.
•There is no minimum age requirement for youth hunters.
•Special tags are required to be used by youth hunters on taken animals.

This year’s fall hunting season started in many areas on September 1, 2011. The state is divided into Wildlife Management Units (WMUs), and each hosts its own guidelines for hunting season dates, animals taken, and methods used. Londonderry is located in WMU “M”. The chart below outlines the animals, methods and dates for Londonderry’s hunting seasons.




Black Bear General Season Sept 1 – Sept 21
Black Bear Baiting Season Sept 1 – Sept 21
Black Bear Dog Season Closed
Deer- either sex Regular Firearms Nov 9 – Nov 18
Deer- antlered only Regular Firearms Nov 19 – Dec 4
Deer- either sex Archery Oct 1 – Dec 15
Deer- either sex Muzzleloader Oct 29 – Nov 8
Turkey- either sex Archery Sept 15 – Dec 15
Turkey- either sex Shotgun Oct 10 – Oct 14
Fisher Any Dec 1 – Jan 31
Coyote Any Year round
Ring-necked pheasant, Chukar Any Oct 1 – Dec 31
Northern bobwhite quail, Hungarian partridge Any Oct 1 – Dec 31
Crow Any Aug 15 – Nov 30
Woodcock Any Oct 1 – Nov 14
Black duck, Mallard, Scaup, Wood duck, Redhead, coot Any Oct 4 – Nov 6 AND Nov 23 – Dec 18
Hooded merganser, Canada geese, Pintail, Canvasback Any Oct 4 – Nov 6 AND Nov 23 – Dec 18
Brant Any Oct 4 – Nov 22
Snow Geese Any Oct 4 – Dec 18

For more information about hunting rules, licenses, and bag limits for animals, be sure to visit the NH Fish and Game website.



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