North Londonderry Farmstand a Hidden Treasure

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A Labor day weekend farm tour found farmstand workers open for business, no holiday in Londonderry on the Farm!  This time of year our farmstands are filling up with local farm fresh produce.

Right on I93 these farms are easy to find off exit 4 or exit 5.  If you are shopping at the Mall of New Hampshire this one is just a mile south in Historic North Londonderry.

Merrill Farm was our first stop, the new white washed indoor farmstand was full of a huge variety of apples and other fruits and vegetables.  All local and picked moments before direct from the field and orchards in plain view of the stand.  The new parking lot was full when we pulled in Saturday morning, what a great sign for this out of the way farm in North Londonderry.

When to go

  • Open August 1st to Oct 31st
  • Monday – Friday 9:30am to 5:30 pm typically self serve
  • Saturday and Sundays 10am – 4pm
  • You can also find the Merrill’s at local farm markets
  • This is a great place for low price high quality local fresh fruit and vegetables!

This weekend they have Mollies, Ginger Gold, Paulared and Graus all at $1.00 a pound for US#1 Grade apples.  While these are a great buy, check out the huge 1/2 bushel bags for only $7 each! The first pears are in at just $1.00 a pound, don’t forget to ripen them in a brown paper bag.

Fresh “Tree Ripened” peaches are in at Merrill Farm, they are a bargain at only $1.50 a pound!  You can hand select the ones you want and on the weekend the will weigh them up for you.  during the week they are pre-measured and ready to put into a bag, just be sure to bring some change to drop in the slot.

Local food tip

Never buy peaches in a supermarket and expect them to ripen, they must ripen on the tree.  If they are hard when you buy them, they will be hard when you eat them no mater what you do.

Plums the size of a small apple, the red ones with a strawberry colored flesh are in season right now.  These ultra clean skin fruits have a sweet flesh that finishes with a bit of tart when you eat them. Down near the stone, the taste is sweet again, just a trick to make you pick up another.

Corn at only 50 cents an ear or $5.00 a dozen, that has not been stripped like the ones in the supermarkets.  You can tell by the feel that this sweet corn is ripe and ready for roasting or boiling.  Arrive early if you are looking for the big juicy tomatoes,  or you will end up going home with the plum tomatoes that are left.  Hint, pick up those plumb tomatoes, we used them in a fresh Indian Dahl dish what a difference from canned!

Like a tour of the farmstand, click on any of these images for a large picture, go out of the way, and find this stand.  Don’t forget the eggs!  We don’t know why but they hide them on the porch, you have to ask, fresh from the chickens just steps away from this little white washed farmstand in North Londonderry.

If you are stuck in traffic on I93 coming south get off at the I293 mall exit to scoot around the backups on 93.  If you are a local and you have not found this stand, make the trip.  Great prices, great quality, a great viewshead in Londodnerry, New Hampshire.


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Relocating to Londonderry in 1982 Steve Young was looking to find a community that was close to the high technology beltway in Massachusetts. It also needed to have farms and orchards like the one he lived on in Upstate New York near Lake Ontario. Serving on a variety of Local Boards and Commissions he understands the unique nature of Londonderry. Surrounded by a transportation infrastructure the core of Londonderry are farms and recreation.
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