Stonyfield Visitors Center Features Tuesday Tales

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Londonderry’s Stonyfield yogurt company has begun telling “mooooving” stories to children eight and under. The new Tuesday Tales began last week and offers children a chance to hear fun farm stories and sample free yogurt.

Parent and children are invited to join others at the Stonyfield Visitors Center every Tuesday from 10 to 11 AM. Space is limited, so parent must contact the visitor’s center to sign up. Please call Diane at 603-437-4040 extension 3270 to reserve your child’s spot!

The Stonyfield Visitor’s Center is also open six days a week as an educational experience for all ages. Here, visitors can find out more about the company’s history, the earth-friendly business practices the company strives to maintain, and much more.

Children can enjoy spending time in the center’s activity centers and sample delicious yogurt treats. Parents can purchase the yogurts at a discounted price and can spend time shopping in the center’s gift shop, which offers Stonyfield wearables, kids stuff, kitchen helpers and more!

Learn more about the visitors center and get directions by clicking here!

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