Columbus Day Weather Looks Amazing!

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With sunny skies and temps in 70?s expected for today, what better way to spend last guaranteed day of nice Londonderry weather than at the orchards! Apples are practically falling from the trees at the four farms, that’s Mack’s, Merrill’s and Elwood and Sunnycrest, and pumpkins are ready to be carved or baked!

Minutes from surrounding cities, each Londonderry farm offers a variety of fresh produce.

No time to pick, but still want the fresh taste? All farms feature a farm stand, where corn, peaches, plums, pears, apples and so much more can be purchased.

If you’re looking to make a day of picking, and don’t mind getting lost with the family for a few hours, be sure to stop into Elwood Orchards. Their corn maze, one of the largest corn mazes in the area, is a spectacular event for the whole family. Open now during the day, and nights beginning the first weekend in October, the corn maze will keep you entertained with its twists, turns and blind alleys. Don’t be afraid to ask for help, either. Workers will be glad to come pull you out of the six acre maze if you just can’t find your own way out.

We talked with Bill Elwood and asked a few questions on how they set up this mammoth maze.

How do you decide what the maze will look like?

“We plan the entire maze out on a sheet of graph paper. It’s a long winter in Londonderry, so we have lot’s of time to work in all the turns, and blind alleys.”

Do you plant the corn in the shape of a maze?

Bill Chuckled at this question. He did tell us how it is done but made us promise we would not tell anyone. “One thing I can say is the grid from the graph paper is transferred to the field so it matches the plan.”

What about the corn, do you feed it to the cows when you are done?

“We plant a variety of Corn for the maze that grows very tall and dense, it has worked great for us for since our first maze in 2005. After Halloween, we till the corn back into the ground to fertilize the maze for next year.”

Sunnycrest’s pick-your-own is open from 9 – 5 daily, and the farm stand is open from 9 – 6.

Mack’s Apples’ pick-your-own is open from 10 – 5 daily, and the farm stand is open from 9 – 6.

Merrill’s is open daily, sunrise to sunset!

Elwood Orchards is open from 8 – 6, “and you gotta be outta the field by 6!” said Wayland Elwood when asked about the farm’s hours.

Click here to learn more about these Londonderry farms!


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Jacklynn has been a resident in Londonderry since the age of 5. She grew up in a quiet neighborhood and went through the great school system. She has fond memories of bike riding through town in the spring and summer, sledding in the winter, and apple and pumpkin picking in the fall. She now has children of her own and looks forward to raising them in the same town she enjoyed so much as a youth.
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