Residents Nominated to Win Top Award

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Londonderry resident Jason Phelps, along with his wife Margot, have been blogging about alcoholic beverages, from mead and wine to beer, cider and cocktails. Their blog, Ancient Fire Wine, has shared information with its readers about food pairings, travel, wineries, making cider and wines, and much more.

Along with blogging on his site, Phelps has also been a contributor to Londonderry News. In February of this year, he wrote about his competing in the Mack’s Apples Pie Contest. He detailed the crusts and ingredient combinations he used, as well as the result of the competition. He has also written an extensive story about the Manchester Chili Contest last year and a great piece about homemade hard apple cider.

Now, thanks to his blog’s devotion to everything alcoholic, and its devoted readers, it has been nominated for the Best Single Topic category for the 2011 Foodbuzz Blog Awards! “I hope you’ll consider casting a vote for us, a unique blog with a great story from the ranks of the Foodbuzz Featured Publishers,” Phelps writes on his blog. “I’ll be at the Foodbuzz Festival in November where the winners will be announced, so no matter who wins I will be there to cheer on all nominees and winners.”

Jason and Margot have also been known to give back. “In 2003 I was diagnosed and successfully treated for testicular cancer. In the 8+ years since, our scrappy team of volunteers and fundraisers have helped raise over $82,000 for the American Cancer Society and Lance Armstrong Foundation! I’m going to ask you to vote for me below, but if you only have 5 minutes I would ask you first to make a donation to Making Strides Against Breast Cancer,” he writes. “Voting for me in the Foodbuzz Blog Awards is pretty cool, but fighting back against cancer makes you someone’s hero,” Phelps adds.

To make a donation today, click here. To vote for the Ancient Fire Wine blog, as well as other blogs in each category, click here.

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