A Long Walk

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Our two family members of the canine persuasion took off on me this morning. It was as if they were lining up for a race and only heard the word ‘go’. Off they went racing down, what I knew, was a short woodsy trail straight to Bockes Road. Oh, No! Sure enough they were well out of sight as I reached the road.

I stood there with leash in hand looking up and down the road. Thankfully, there was no traffic at this early hour of the day. I did not want to come upon a dog or two ‘down and out’ in the middle of the road. At least I knew they were together. I sighed and thought, ‘just when I was hoping for a pleasant walk in the woods…’

Sure enough, after a few call outs and some whistling, I spied them loping towards me. I quickly leashed them both together and headed back up the trail. The two are rescue dogs. One is a 9 year old Basenji mix (Kofie) from Wagging Tails Dog Rescue and the other newbie a year and a half old Boxer mix (Georgia) from the NHSPA. The younger dog has only been with us for five months, getting better with some off leash time – until today. Who was setting a bad example for who? Hmmm.

We did end our walk on a pleasant note. I couldn’t pass by the blackberries I passed earlier without picking at least some of them. Driving the short distance home I stopped to buy eggs from a family farm using the honor method of payment.

So if you are looking for another gem in town come on over to the south side. The Bockes Forest Trails off Mill Road and the Ingersoll Forest Trails off Griffin Road are interconnected treasures for you to enjoy with or without furry companions!

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