A Sunny Day at Shady Hill

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Since 1997, Ron and Kathy Hill of Shady Hill Greenhouses and Nursery located at the corner of Mammoth and Adams Road in Londonderry has seen an ‘upwards growth’ in their business. What started with autumn mums has now increased with all the ingredients for success. Plants, flowers, shrubs, trees, etc. and of course an ideal location, brings the corner to life.

As members of Made in NH, The NH Farm Bureau, NH Plant Growers Association, etc. they can now be officially included in the ‘art’ scene. One of two Londonderry host locations for the recent NH Open Doors fall weekend with “Art in Action”, Shady Hill can now add this to their roster. Their business was a great choice and location to compliment nearby Mack’s Apples Farm Stand, the other host spot.

As one of the artists for the weekend event, I couldn’t help but notice the art in the landscape details surrounding me at Shady Hill. It is evident everywhere in the ‘art of placement’ of all the natural stock items, water features, out buildings and hen house. Even the pea stone underfoot makes sense. The natural lighting in the greenhouse was phenomenal throughout the day for painting. It was ironic that one of the artists in the greenhouse was Tom Abruzze whose claim to fame are lovely painted leaves.

What catches the eye as you walk from the parking area is the main greenhouse fronts which have been refitted with log cabin siding matching their home, Ron tells me. But I notice how the color choice for the doors is the key. It is a certain color of purple that really enhances the buildings. “Everyone had their doubts”, he said. “I told them no, no, you wait. It’ll look good.” Color samples were laid out, the staff had their input and the top choice is the color you see in Aura’s “Autumn Purple”. Good choice.

From landscape artist to visual artist, I think Ron has found his new calling. Renoir? Cezanne? Rembrandt? Ron Hill? – perhaps soon in gallery near you!

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