Elementary School Assembly Features Live Broadcast, Special Performances

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South School held a special all-school assembly last Friday, December 23, 2011, which was filmed and broadcast live on LEO 21. During the assembly, the children were entertained by the Pop Stars, a middle school choir, as well as fifth grade “math music” and special presentations and awards to fellow classmates.

Students at the assembly were able to watch as two students, winners from a raffle held during the Santa breakfast, arrived in a fire truck and police car. Shown on a projection screen during the meeting, the arrivals were filmed live and hosted by student council commentators Brittney Fernandez and Liam and Max DesRosiers. Arriving first in the police car was Gabrielle Tringali, followed by Emily Savage in a firetruck.

“Our fifth graders also wowed us with chants, raps, songs, and dances about math – decimal points, geometry, probability, fractions, multiplying decimals, measuring and polygons. Fifth grade math sounds like fun!” stated Linda Boyd, South School Principal.

Other highlights included the Student Council presenting Kathy Wagner with a $596 check for Warm Homes; announcing the winner of the overnight trip to Coco Key, first grader Kiley Bureau; announcing the “feather” winners who earned the most feathers for quieting down quickly before coming in from recess; presenting the “Bus of the Month” award to Bus 16; and nominating Mrs. Tremonte’s, Mrs. Lavoie’s and Mrs. McGuire’s classes for the PBIS Certificate of Merit. Also, the Mystery Hawk made a special appearance during the meeting.

Be sure to watch the video of the assembly below and share it with your South School children if you haven’t already!

The video was produced by John Beaulieu and Dan McLeod, as well as students from the Londonderry High School video production class, who also attended South School.


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