Londonderry’s Christmas Eve Services

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With Christmas fast approaching, many may be taking the opportunity to get back in touch with their faith. Several churches throughout town will be holding special Christmas Eve services for regular church-goers, as well as those just looking to become more spiritual. Below, you’ll find a list of the churches throughout Londonderry and the times of their Christmas Eve services.

A Historical Image of the Methodist Church on Mammoth Road

Don’t see your house of worship? Be sure to leave a comment letting us know the times and address and we’ll add it right away!

Londonderry Christian Church
372 Mammoth Road
Christmas Eve Services:
5 PM
11 PM

Londonderry Presbyterian Church
126 Pillsbury Road
Christmas Eve Service:
7 PM: Lessons and Carols

Londonderry Presbyterian Church

Orchard Christian Fellowship
275 Mammoth Road (meets at Matthew Thornton School)
Christmas Eve Services:
4 PM
6 PM

St. Peter’s Episcopal Church
3 Peabody Row
Christmas Eve Services:
5 PM: Family Service of Holy Eucharist
10 PM: Festival Holy Eucharist with Choir

Londonderry Christian Church on Mammoth Road

Londonderry United Methodist Church
258 Mammoth Road
Christmas Eve Services:
5 PM: Lessons and Carols Featuring Children’s Choir
7 PM: Contemporary Living Well Service
9 PM: Service Featuring music of Worship Choir
11 PM: Service to Welcome Christmas Day

St. Jude Catholic Church
435 Mammoth Road
Christmas Eve Services:
4 PM
6 PM: Features Children’s Choir
10 PM: Features Adult Choir

St. Mark the Evangelist
1 South Road
Christmas Eve Services:
4 PM: In Church Hall Featuring Christmas Children’s Choir
7:30 PM
12 PM Midnight


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