New Bookings at Music Venue in Londonderry

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Ticket Update
LIZ LONGLEY – Only 10 tickets remain!
LITTLE FEAT – Both shows are SOLD OUT
GANDALF MURPHY – Only 21 tickets remain!
CHERYL WHEELER – Only 33 tickets remain!
JOHN MAYALL – Only 1 tickets remains!
STEPHEN KELLOGG – Only 2 tickets remain!
JOHNNY WINTER – Only 34 tickets remain!

This Week
New Riders of the Purple Sage got its start in 1969 as a vehicle for Jerry Garcia to practice his pedal steel guitar, a long strange trip that brought the band to the Palace Theatre for several shows in the early 1970s. But the Riders are back. They re-formed last year with original band guitarist/vocalist David Nelson and longtime group pedal steel player Buddy Cage in the fold. Sure, the Riders are rooted in the past. But they are much more than mere musical ghosts—All in all, the New Riders of the Purple Sage were enjoyable on Thursday night. This band is more than just a shadow of its former self; they continue to be the real deal.

New Bookings
Legendary—a blues/rock institution—true innovators—These are just a few of the ways Savoy Brown has been described over the past thirty years by music critics and fans.
One of the earliest of British blues bands, Savoy Brown (with founder guitarist and longtime member Kim Simmonds at the helm) helped launch the UK blues/rock movement that paved the way for such acts as Led Zeppelin.
“The music of Savoy Brown has never really got that far away from the blues”, Simmonds says. “Today, I can still do a show that does straight traditional blues along with rock hits like “Tell Mama” and it all seems to fit. Everything that I have done with the band has had a blues stand point to it.”

Over the years, Musselwhite has released dozens of albums and has contributed to countless others including guesting on Bonnie Raitt’s Grammy® award-winning Longing In Their Hearts, The Blind Boys of Alabama’s Grammy-winning SPIRIT OF THE CENTURY, Tom Waits’ MULE VARIATIONS and even playing the driving harmonica on INXS’ SUICIDE BLONDE—
Musselwhite’s version of the blues ventures far beyond conventional honky-tonk — though the Harley Davidsons lined up outside Musselwhite’s gigs testify that Musselwhite has what it takes to rock the house. Musselwhite himself is simply interested in music with feeling — as he puts it, “music from the heart”: “For me, it’s about the feeling, and connecting with people. And blues, if it’s real blues, is loaded with feeling. And it ain’t about technique either, it’s about truth, connecting to the truth and communicating with people.”
That connection has been particularly strong with his fans from the start. “I’ve had Vietnam vets tell me that my music was important to them while they were in Vietnam. I’ve had people who’ve had problems with alcohol talk to me about quitting, and tell me that I inspired them to quit, I’ve had couples tell me that they met at one of my shows and got married years after.”

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