Santa Watch 2011 Begins Tomorrow Night!

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For the past several years, Londonderry Officials, and local children, have enjoyed listening to the live updates each Christmas Eve as the town awaits the arrival of the jolly man in the red suit. This year, though, one lucky high school student will get to ride along with the big man as he travels around Londonderry, delivering presents to all the good little boys and girls.

Parents and children will get to enjoy listening as the student interviews Santa about how he is able to deliver all his presents to the world in just one night. Santa will share some of his most well-kept secrets, and all of Londonderry will get the inside scoop!

Be sure to tune in tomorrow night to LEO-103 on your radio or on LEO’s website! New to this year, listeners in Londonderry will also be able to watch the broadcast on LEO-21 on their televisions. Locals can also tune in here to hear the audio updates. The broadcast will begin at 7 PM and listeners will be updated every 20 minutes on Santa’s whereabouts. The final broadcast will occur at shortly before 9 PM, with just enough time to get the little ones in bed and asleep before Santa arrives!

These broadcasts are a production of Londonderry High School Students and Radio Club Members.

Tune into WLLO-LP 102.9 tomorrow night for Santa Reports!



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