Warping Time with Santa

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Santa Watch in Londonderry continues! In a twist this year, one student from the high school is riding along with Santa as he visits the houses and explains how his sleigh and reindeer are able to visit every house in the world.

In the latest update, Santa describes his use of warping time in order to deliver the presents across the world.

To hear the latest audio update, listen to the broadcast On-Demand.

These updates will be posted online on Londonderry News and Visit Londonderry every 20 minutes, as they are happening, from 7 PM until just before 9 PM tonight. You can also tune in to 102.9 FM and LEO-21 on tv to hear the live updates. Continue checking back to find out when Santa will arrive in Londonderry, and if you missed any live reports you can listen here On Demand. We recommend for on-demand you begin at 7 PM and work towards the end.

These broadcasts are a production of Londonderry High School Students and Radio Club Members.

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