Annual Race Sets New Records in Londonderry

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Peter Najem, 25 of Derry, takes first overall in the 2012 Millennium Mile.

Londonderry’s annual Millennium Mile was held this weekend, drawing more than 1,000 runners, joggers and walkers of all ages from as far as Huntsville, Texas and Colorado Springs, Colorado. Participants ranged in age from 1 years old, to age 80, and new records were set in numerous age divisions.

First in for the runners overall was 25-year-old Peter Najem of Derry, New Hampshire with a time of 3:56. The record time, 3:51 set by Scott Anderson in 1999 and Andy Downin in 2001, still stands. Kara Haas, 41 of Chelmsford, Massachusetts, was first in for the females, with a final time of 4:44 minutes. The record for females remains 4:20, set by Amy Mortimer in 2005.

The youngest participant, 1-year-old Addison Ntengeri, from Nashua, NH, came in at 8:56. Derek Allen, of Londonderry, age 2, came in a 10:31, breaking the old record of 13:41 set be Parker Cheyne. In the boys 3-year age group, Jackson Souther of Hanover, NH came in at 10:11, breaking the old record of 10:21 set by Parker Cheyne. Sarah Garofalo, of Londonderry, NH, came in at 8:34, breaking the girls 3-year age group record of 11:54 set be Victoria Kelly.

This video was shot by Don Schwartz as he stood on the Mack’s front yard on Mammoth Road.

Oldest runners of the day included 80-year-old Margaret Pyszka of Bedford, NH, who finished with a time of 10:47. In the male’s division, was 75-year-old Bill Spencer, who finished with a time of 6:08.

Other records set this year include both the boys and girls age 5 division, the girls age 6 division, boys age 7 division, and boys age 8 division. To see all placings of the participants and the winners of each division, visit Cool Runnings online.

These are the top ten overall runners in the Millennium Mile 2012.

Place Name Age Sex City Time
1 Peter Najem 25 Male Derry, NH 3:56.7
2 Sam Horn 24 Male Colorado Springs, CO 4:01.8
3 Justin Lutz 31 Male Framingham, MA 4:07.9
4 Nate Jenkins 31 Male Andover, MA 4:08.2
5 Greg Hammett 34 Male Chesterfield, NH 4:10.0
6 Connor Jennings 21 Male Concord, NH 4:15.6
7 Frank McSorley 50 Male Somerville, MA 4:18.5
8 Mitch Sroka 17 Male Londonderry, NH 4:26.1
9 Joseph St. Pierre 18 Male Manchester, NH 4:26.3
10 Ryan Kelly 30 Male Concord, NH 4:27.7

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