Londonderry High School Full of Angels

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On January 6, 2012 Londonderry High School held their sixth annual Day of Giving Assembly.  Hundreds of students and staff donated their hair to be made into wigs for cancer patients. Breaking last year’s record of 204 donors, 231 sat on the cutting room floor, anxiously awaiting the traditional “3-2-1 Cut!”  Beautiful Lengths is a charity that creates human hair wigs free of charge for cancer patients who are undergoing chemo and the resultant recovery. 100% of the hair donated is made into wigs which are distributed by the American Cancer Society.

The countdown was led by Kristen Malloy, whose mother was diagnosed with cancer and had passed away. Kristen had cut her hair for the past three years at the ceremony, but chose not to participate this year. Her sister Kelsey, however, was participating. Along with Governor Lych, Kristen began the countdown and the inches began to fall away in a tearful and excited atmosphere.

This video was shot and edited by Brandon Cardwell a 2010 graduate of Londonderry High School. 

The Londonderry High School Mission Statement is full of Academic responsibility and of course the main mission of the school is to teach.  The major responsibility of the students is also to learn.  Exhibiting school pride and supporting this school activity these students brought hope to those without by providing hair for cancer patients all around the Country.  No bullet point in the mission statement matches the pictures of hundreds of students with thousands supporting them than;

  • Interact cooperatively while working toward common objectives.

That statement sounds so dry in print, yet when acted upon is wet with tears of joy of happiness and support for friends, family and strangers.

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  1. Deb Nowicki says:

    If these teens are indicative of Londonderry’s future we are in good hands! You can feel their giving from the heart and the love in that gym for each other and the compassion for those in need. AWESOME! :)

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