Londonderry Meadery Supports Town’s Farms, Buys Local

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This image captures part of the cider making process at Sunnycrest Farms here in Londonderry.

Moonlight Meadery, LLC in Londonderry partnered with two local farms to produce a large batch of its honey wines. The meadery purchased more than 2,000 gallons of cider, pressed right here in town at both Mack’s Apples and Sunnycrest Farms, to create its signature Kurt’s Apple Pie and Blossom meads.

Michael Fairbrother, founder and mead maker, reported that, last year, Kurt’s Apple Pie was the meadery’s second best seller. The meadery produced, and sold out of, 4,000 bottles of the apple pie flavored mead. This year, production was expected to reach a total of 30,000 bottles of Kurt’s Apple Pie alone.

Fairbrother had originally intended to get his supply of cider from Mack’s Apples alone, however the farm’s cider press was not working properly so Fairbrother decided to work with Sunnycrest Farms as well. Once delivered, the cider was mixed with only the best Vietnamese Cinnamon and Madagascar-bourbon Vanilla Beans, as well as honey to create Kurt’s Apple Pie. The cider is used in place of water when diluting and creating the meads.

Be sure to watch the video below!

Learn more about Moonlight Meadery here or visit them on their website or at 23 Londonderry Road #17.


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