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Barbara Lambert opened Barb's Beer Emporium's second location in Londonderry next to Mr. Steers Meats on Buttrick Road.

Barb’s Beer Emporium’s second location on Buttrick Road in Londonderry has quickly blossomed into a much-loved store after opening at the end of June 2011. According to owner Barbara Lambert, the store’s variety continues to grow and business has been really good lately.

Lambert stated in a recent interview that the Londonderry store had 643 varieties of wine and beer in stock at last count, but more have been added and continue to be added weekly. The beers come from breweries throughout the country, with probably less than ten being from New Hampshire. Lambert says a lot come from the west coast. One thing you won’t find at Barb’s is “big box” beers.

“From what you can get in the state of New Hampshire, we probably have everything you can get here short of your big box, like your Buds and your Coors,” said Lambert. She explained that at her first store, located in Concord, NH, big box was on the menu. “I did try it over in Concord for a while and it sat on the shelves.” So the decision was made to discontinue and support smaller breweries.

Selection at the beer store is plentiful, with a wide variety of smaller brewery beers and wines.

Lambert opened the first Barb’s Beer Emporium about three years ago after being self-employed in the construction business for several years. When the physical demands of construction became too much, she decided to look for a different challenge that allowed her to stay closer to home. She bought the first store after seeing it was up for sale, then later relocated it from its downtown location. With more parking and a better location, the store took off and Lambert decided she needed a new challenge: opening another location from scratch.

“It was either Londonderry or heading out towards Epping,” Lambert explained when asked how she choose where to open her second location. “I liked the kind of business growth that they’re inviting into Londonderry and I thought that it would be a good spot close to a main drag. Especially in Londonderry, being close to Massachusetts. Where we chose here, next to Mr. Steer, I thought it would be a great complement.”

The "Singles Cooler" at Barb's Beer Emporium allows customers to mix and match six packs of their favorites.

Beer tastings at Barb’s take place each week on Thursday night from 5 PM until 7 PM. Lambert said these tastings are going well and allow beer lovers to meet others and try different varieties. She said generally a representative from the brewery will come and bring samples of a few kinds. Customers are welcome to try the samples and the same product will be on sale for that night. Wine tastings, though they happen less frequently, are held on Friday nights and offer customers a chance to sample wine from New Hampshire wineries.

Barb’s Beer Emporium also sells a number gifts, various cigars, and beer-infused snacks, including candy and chips – both made with beer. A selection of Londonderry’s own Moonlight Meadery meads are also sold at the store. The store boasts a “singles cooler” which allows customers to mix and match a number of single beers into their own personalized six pack. Kegs are also available, some in store but many more can be specially ordered.

The Londonderry store is open Monday through Thursday 10 AM to 8 PM, Friday and Saturday 10 AM until 8:30 PM, and Sunday 11 PM to 5 PM. Visit the store at 27 Buttrick Road or online. Or stop in the Concord store, located at 249 Sheep Davis Road.


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