Airport Access Road Allows Economic Growth in Londonderry

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After its early opening last year, the Airport Access Road has already begun to encourage economic growth near the Manchester-Boston Regional Airport. The Executive Health Club, located in Londonderry close to the airport, will undergo growth over the next few years. The Planning Board conditionally approved the new site plan, which will include many improvements both inside the health club and out.

The process to renovate the club began last November, 2011, when Mike Benton, owner of the Executive Health and Sports Center, presented a two-phase master plan to the Planning Board. Benton said the main intent of the expansions to the health club was to create regional sports complex in conjunction with surrounding towns. “The new Airport Access Road has made it possible to build the infrastructure needed to be competitive with the two sites in Massachusetts that act as regional sport complexes.”

Executive Health Club and Sports Center Expansion Plans

Seen here are the November 2011 expansion plans of the Executive Health and Sports Center in Londonderry. The yellow bordered areas are a part of Phase 1 of the expansion, while the red bordered areas are part of the Phase 2. Click for a larger image.

During this meeting, when asking for staff input, Andre Garron stated that “from an economic development standpoint, it is encouraging to seen an existing facility expand.” He also said that “this overall complex would be like no other in the area and would benefit the area economically.” Cynthia May was enthusiastic for the project and Benton’s ability to reuse the area.

Improvements to the Executive will come in two phases, with the first intended to be completed by June of this year. This phase will add an aquatic center to the current facility, which includes a year round hot tub and a competitive and recreational pool. Phase 1 will also add four clay outdoor tennis courts.

Interior changes during this phase would mean relocating the cafe and kitchen to be able to provide both outdoor and indoor dining. Also, moving the weight room to allow for a children and family locker room, remodeling both the men’s and women’s locker rooms, and adding a spa would be completed during this phase. A medical office suite would be also be added to the second floor, which would include a medi-spa, wellness services, and potentially a small urgent care facility.

Executive Health Club and Sports Center Expansion Plans

Seen here are the updated January 2012 expansion plans of the Executive Health and Sports Center in Londonderry. This image shows more specific details regarding the expansion plans for Phase 1. Click for a larger image.

The second phase would add more playing surfaces, a skating pond, and a concession area. Once this phase begins, it will take approximately 18 to 20 months until completion. From June until September, competitions for soccer, lacrosse, baseball, football, tennis, basketball and swimming could all be held on site.

Another site improvement that is being considered is a jogging path around the perimeter of the project. Benton also added that “if a connection is made to the new Airport Access Road, one could walk or bike from the complex, over the bridge to the Heritage Trail and onto the NH Sportsplex in Manchester.”


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