Londonderry Bridge Demolished as Traffic Continues to Grow

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The out-of-service bridge located at Exit 5 on Interstate 93 will continue the demolition process this week. Crews will work to remove the bridge on the night of February 14, 2012, between the hours of 9 PM and 3 AM causing minor delays in the area of Rockingham Road and the highway.

During these hours, traffic on Rockingham Road/Route 28 northbound and southbound will intermittently detoured using the Interstate. Also during this time, traffic exiting I-93 northbound to Route 28 northbound and traffic exiting I-93 southbound onto Route 28 southbound will intermittently be redirected to the next exit to reverse direction.

Exit 5 Londonderry, NH

Seen here is the Exit 5 bridges on I-93. This image, taken in April, 2011 before the new southbound bridge was erected, looks south and shows the northbound bridge (left) and the soon-to-be demolished southbound bridge (right). Click for a larger image.

This work is part of the ongoing construction of four new bridges at the I-93 Exit 5 interchange. Along with the construction of the new bridges, Route 28 at the underpass will be expanded to six travel lanes, with three in each direction. The Auburn Road intersection will also be improved, and the roadway straightened in the area Perkins Road.

The new bridges are being installed as part of the widening of I-93, which began just under a year ago at the exit and is expected to be completed in June 2014. This portion of the widening project expands from the weigh station near Exit 3 up to the I-293 split in Manchester and will help support the growing traffic after the opening of the Airport Access Road last fall and the planned but not yet funded development of Pettingill Road.

Seen here is the Airport Access Road looking west. The completed side of this exit leads towards Litchfield (turning left) and Manchester (turning right). The uncompleted side will become Pettengill Road. At the top of the image is the Merrimack River and beyond that, outside of the image, is the Everett Turnpike. Click for a larger image.

The Airport Access Road provides a direct link from the FE Everett turnpike, Route 3 in Bedford over the river, albeit a winding complex roadway, traveling Perimeter Road to Industrial Road to the East end of Pettingill Road by the end of Runway 35. This provides access to Harvey Road, Grenier Field Road, and the Page Road intersection on Route 28. This east-to-west connection will aid the dozens of companies that have located in the northern part of Londonderry, New Hampshire on land near the Manchester-Boston Regional Airport. Additional growth is also expected in the area around Exit 5 with the newly enacted gateway district with several development companies already interested in land nearby.


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