Peach Blossom Blooming in Londonderry!

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Peach blossoms are blooming in Londonderry orchards as the warm weather continues and spring is officially here. One of the best places in town to walk amongst the blossoms is Mack’s Apples. Located on Moose Hill, the actual hill, at the back side of apple tree orchards, are rows upon rows of the beautiful pink petals.

Finding your way to the blossoms is relatively easy if you don’t know where Moose Hill is. Just take a turn down Pillsbury Road towards U-Pick 3; that’s the orchard behind the United Methodist Church on the corner of Pillsbury and Mammoth Roads. Once there, find the old apple tree; that’s the one that stands alone in front of all the other trees. Take the tractor road down the center of the apple trees; you can’t miss the pink blossoms at the end. Those are some real country-style directions.

Taking a walk among the blossoms is a great way to spend a warm, sunny afternoon with the family in Londonderry. Pack a picnic lunch and grab a blanket, you won’t regret it. Just be sure to keep an eye on the kids; blossoms means pollination and the bees have been hard at work this year.

Merrill’s in north Londonderry is also reporting blossoms in bloom. And in just a few weeks, the apple trees turn white with blossoms!

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