Two Shows this Weekend in Londonderry!

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Hi Everyone,

Good morning! I hope you are all having a fantabulous day. We have a couple of great shows coming up this week that I want to share with you. The first is STRUNZ and FARAH on Thursday night. Acoustic stuff like this is perfect for Tupelo. Besides that, these guys are incredible guitarists. On Saturday, we have two shows with MICKEY HART of Grateful Dead fame. Tickets still available for both the 7:00 and 9:30 shows.

Our open mic last Thursday was insanely good. The venue was packed and it was easily the most talented group of musicians we have had at an open mic night. You might want to attend one of these sometime. Our open Mic nights are very professionally run. Besides that, it’s only $5 to attend.

JESUS JONES and BOW WOW WOW are going on tour this Summer. Is anyone interested in seeing them at Tupelo if I book it? Let me know please.

We have ONE New Booking to announce.

September 15 THE FOOLS

As always, thanks for supporting Tupelo Music Hall!

“It’s All About the Music!”


It’s time to vote for the BEST OF NEW HAMPSHIRE awards again this year! In past years, we have held a free concert if we won the “Best Concert Venue” category, which we have won for seven years in a row. I’m offering the same deal this year, too. Please go to the NH Magazine website and vote for us. If we win, I will surprise you with a free show. We have had some great shows in the past to celebrate winning.

Ticket Update
CHARLIE MUSSELWHITE – Only 29 tickets remain!
JAMES McMURTRY – Selling fast!
ATLANTA RHYTHM SECTION – Only 40 tickets remain!
SOUTHSIDE JOHNNY – Only 50 tickets remain!
THE BODEANS – Oly 50 tickets remain!

This Week
Performing together since 1979, Strunz & Farah are the innovators of an entirely new expression for the acoustic guitar. Decades ahead of their time, they originated an exotic style that now is widely followed. From Costa Rica and Iran respectively, Jorge Strunz and Ardeshir Farah have brought the cultural riches of their native lands into their highly virtuosic, rhythmic, and improvisation-rich original instrumental compositions, profoundly influencing guitarists worldwide. Their meeting in 1979 marked the first time that Latin American and Middle Eastern music came together on the guitar. They remain the undisputed masters of the form they created.
Jorge Strunz was born in Costa Rica to a family with lineage that includes a past Costa Rican president on one side and one of Simón Bolívar’s favorite lieutenants on the other. Given his first guitar at age 6, he grew up also in Colombia, Mexico, Spain, England and Canada, studying and playing flamenco and classical guitar. He performed flamenco guitar professionally as a teenager, accompanying Spanish dancers and singers. He then turned to focus more on his own Latin American roots, Caribbean and Latin folk, and later, jazz. Jorge single-handedly invented a new style of Latin guitar playing that is an original synthesis of hand techniques from flamenco, Latin folk and classical guitar with state-of-the art high-speed linear plectrum playing.
Ardeshir Farah was raised in a beautiful old house in Iran that echoed with the sounds of the violin of his uncle, who performed with the Teheran Symphony. Later, he moved to England for schooling. He played guitar since childhood, focusing on popular music and improvisation. He has performed and recorded extensively with many of the top expatriate Persian singers and musicians in the US who fled Iran after the Revolution. Ardeshir was the first to use Middle Eastern inflections in a contemporary guitar setting. His style has a unique exoticism.

This show is SOLD OUT.

Mickey Hart is best known for his nearly three decades as an integral part of an extraordinary expedition into the soul and spirit of music, disguised as the rock and roll band the Grateful Dead. As half of the percussion tandem known as the Rhythm Devils, Mickey and Bill Kreutzmann transcended the conventions of rock drumming. Their extended polyrhythmic excursions were highlights of Grateful Dead shows, introducing the band’s audience to an ever-growing arsenal of percussion instruments from around the world. Exposure to these exotic sounds fueled Mickey’s desire to learn about the various cultures that produced them.

New Bookings
September 15 THE FOOLS
The Fools barged onto the Boston music scene with their first single “She Looks All Right in the Dark”. Known for their outrageous live performances the band quickly gathered a loyal and ever-growing audience. Their first national (and then international) hit record, “Psycho Chicken,” was a parody of Talking Heads’ Psycho Killer. With the signing of the band to EMI Records came the first two albums “Sold Out” and “Heavy Mental”. Touring North America first with The Knack and then with Van Halen helped to place the band firmly on the national stage. European tours, including shows with Cheap Trick and Journey, resulted in huge overseas record sales. Back home again The Fools released their biggest album, “World Dance Party”.
Do not miss catching the legendary Fools live. The mix of great music performed by uniquely talented musicians with a hefty helping of comedy comes together in an unmatched charm that has been lighting up millions of smiles over the years. And it all keeps getting better with time. Experience The Fools and smile for yourself. Listen

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Scott Hayward is a Derry native who graduated from Pinkerton Academy and Wake Forest University, where he majored in English. While working as a financial planner and looking for investment property in 2004, he came across a building for sale in Londonderry. Then called The Muse, Hayward attended a performance and knew immediately what he wanted to do. After purchasing and doing a major remodeling of the facility, while learning as much as possible about the music business, he opened Tupelo Music Hall on September 11, 2004. Tupelo has since become a huge hit with both music lovers and the many artists who take the stage. The venue has received much critical acclaim and has grown each year in number of performances, attendance, and revenue. Hayward credits the success of the venue to the guiding principles of the business; to present top-flight artists in an intimate and comfortable environment with excellent acoustics and first-class sound reproduction, and to provide a memorable experience for the audience and for the artist. In October 2010, Hayward opened a second Tupelo Music Hall in White River Junction, Vermont, using the Londonderry model. He also operates Tupelo Venue Management, a company providing consulting, booking, and management services to other music venues.
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