Great New Bookings here in Londonderry this Week!

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Hi Everyone,

I gotta admit—I kicked butt on our new bookings this week! I am so psyched about these shows. Three of the artists/bands have never played Tupelo before. After nearly 8 years in Londonderry and over 1,500 shows, that?’s not an easy thing to accomplish. Anyways, please read about these in the New Bookings section of this email. You might not necessarily recognize the name but I guarantee you know the music. This is definitely the case with the Ed Kowalczyk show. Check out the super cool new booking with KENNY LOGGINS’? new band!

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We have FIVE New Bookings to announce

August 31 RIK EMMETT
September 20 BLUE SKY RIDERS (with Kenny Loggins)

As always, thanks for supporting Tupelo Music Hall!

It’s All About the Music!


Ticket Update
FARREN/BUTCHER, INC. – Only 50 tickets remain!
JOHN GORKA – Only 30 tickets remain!
HOWARD JONES – Selling fast!
ENGLISH BEAT – Selling fast!
TAB BENOIT – Only 30 tickets remain!
PAULA POUNDSTONE – Only 50 tickets remain!
SOUTHSIDE JOHNNY – Only 24 tickets remain!
THE BODEANS – Only 10 tickets remain!

This Week
Two brothers decide to form a band, adapting the blues, folk and other roots-music sounds they loved as kids into their own evocative sound and twining their voices in the sort of high-lonesome harmony blend for which sibling singers are often renowned. While that’s not a terribly unusual story, Oliver Wood (guitar, vocals) and Chris Wood (bass, vocals, harmonica) took a twisty path to their ultimate collaboration.
In August, 2011, The Wood Brothers released their third full-length studio album, titled Smoke Ring Halo, on Zac Brown’s independent record label, Southern Ground Artists. Produced and engineered by Jim Scott (Johnny Cash, Tom Petty, Lucinda Williams), Smoke Ring Halo has received critical praise. Paste Magazine lauds “Smoke Ring Halo only further cements the pair’s reputation as masters of soulful folk.” And Nate Chien of the New York Times exclaims, “This band has been working at something and it shows.”

Francine Reed is just as happy down home in the juke joint as she is in the world?s finest concert halls – and always singing with class, distinction and soul. A W.C. Handy nominee for her solo recording I Want You to Love Me, the widely recognized larger than life voice in Lyle Lovett’s Large Band has also collaborated with many of the most respected names in gospel, country, rhythm and blues, including Delbert McClinton and Willie Nelson.

The Pousette-Dart Band, led by Jon Pousette-Dart carved a place in the landscape of American music in the 1970s. They were a mainstay of album radio, a favorite on the college circuit, and became one of the busiest touring groups in the US working with such acts as The Byrds, Bonnie Raitt, Little Feat, The Eagles, James Taylor, The J. Geils Band, Eddie Money, Manfred Mann, Jonathan Edwards, Mahavishnu Orchestra, Emmylou Harris, Gary Wright, Robert Palmer, Randy Newman, Journey, Billy Joel, and many more including the now famous Frampton Comes Alive tour, and the progressive Yes Fragile tour ? playing arenas from Coast to Coast.
While the original group dis-banded in the early 80?s, Jon kept performing with original drummer Eric Parker and continued writing and producing into the 90?s, when he returned to Nashville to begin recording again on his own. He turned out four more solo albums and recently released ?Anti-Gravity?, a cohesive selection of his best songs to date. He has co-written with some of the finest writers in the country including, Darrell Scott, Gary Nicholson, Jaime Kyle, Kostas, John Bohlinger, Angelo, Sally Barris, Fred Knobloch, and Angela Kaset. Two videos from the latest release, ?Heaven is Here? and ?Who I Am,? are featured on YouTube and under the video tab above. Jon is currently working both solo and with his tight knit band with Paul Socolow on bass, Eric Parker on drums, and Jim Chapdelaine, with whom he co-produced the latest release ?Anti-Gravity,? on guitar.

Ron Noyes has been called “One of the best American Songwriters—” (Radio Italy). With world-wide radio play, the Ron Noyes Band is described as emotive, unique, and timely. Their blend of roots rock, funk, singer-songwriter, and soul creates a sound that is touted in 12 countries. RNB fuses intricate melodies, meaningful lyrics, tight grooves, and intense instrumentation. Since 2002, The Ron Noyes Band has rapidly grown into one of the New England’s most highly acclaimed and talked about acts.

New Bookings
Corky Laing is a Canadian rock drummer, best known as a longtime member of pioneering American hard rock band Mountain. He is also noted with performing what would become one of the most sampled drum breaks in hip hop history when he played on the live version of Mountain’s song Long Red. In addition to Mountain, he has recorded as the group Cork, with Spin Doctors guitarist/vocalist Eric Schenkman and Noel Redding, formerly bass guitarist of The Jimi Hendrix Experience. In late 1975, he played congas on several tracks on Bo Diddley’s all-star album The 20th Anniversary of Rock ‘n’ Roll.

August 31 RIK EMMETT
Come join Rik Emmett, lead singer and guitarist for the rock band Triumph, for a special performance at Tupelo! Rik will be performing a mix of classics, acoustic, jazz and blues, as well as performing as part of the Strung Out Troubadours with guitarist Dave Dunlop. It is a show not to be missed as these two master guitarists duke it out on stage.
Emmett and Dunlop (from the rock band Full Nine) first played together during a master class session at the National Summer Guitar Workshop in 1990. Much of their material originates from their acoustic guitars, with Rik singing lead vocal on some selections.
In 2007, Strung-Out Troubadours won “Album of the Year” and “Group/Duo Of The Year” at the Canadian Smooth Jazz Awards, where they were the most heavily-nominated act. Both Rik and Dave were also nominated for “Best Guitarist”, a category that Emmett had captured back in 2005.

The Yardbirds are an English rock band that had a string of hits in the mid 1960s, including “For Your Love”, “Over Under Sideways Down” and “Heart Full of Soul”. The group is notable for having started the careers of three of rock’s most famous guitarists: Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, and Jimmy Page, all of whom were in the top fifteen of Rolling Stone’s 100 Top Guitarists list. A blues-based band that broadened its range into pop and rock, The Yardbirds were pioneers in guitar innovations of the ’60s: fuzz tone, feedback, distortion, backwards echo, improved amplification, etc. Pat Pemberton, writing for Spinner, holds that the Yardbirds were “the most impressive guitar band in rock music”. After the Yardbirds broke up in 1968, their current lead guitarist Jimmy Page founded what became Led Zeppelin.
The current band lineup is Andy Mitchell – lead vocals, harmonica, Ben King – lead guitar, Chris Dreja – rhythm guitar, backing vocals, David Smale- bass guitar, Jim McCarty – drums, backing vocals.

September 20 BLUE SKY RIDERS (with Kenny Loggins)
Loggins, one of the premiere voices in modern popular music, called Gary Burr, one of Nashville?s most accomplished writers, afterward and asked if he’?d like to form a band. Then he suggested they look for a third, female voice.
?I?’ve got the perfect person,? said Burr. ?Georgia Middleman. She’?s the best I?’ve ever worked with.? Loggins flew to Nashville and the three sat down to write.
?What a meeting!? says Loggins. ?We wrote our first song and were singing with a three-part blend that comes once in a lifetime.?
With that, Blue Sky Riders was a reality.
Middleman, a renowned singer/songwriter, says the experience has reminded her of the Joseph Campbell line, ?Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors for you where there were only walls.?
?I?’m definitely looking bliss in the eye right now,? she says.
The trio will open for Kenny Loggins on his summer tour in June, July and August 2012 and will headline their own club tour in September 2012. They are also in the final stages of recording their self-titled debut album, Blue Sky Riders.

Ed Kowalczyk is the singer and songwriting force behind the mulit-platinum rock band Live, one of the most successful and enduring alternative rock bands of the 1990?s and 2000s. They sold more than 20 million albums and had nine ?Top 10? radio hits including: ?I Alone,? ?Lightning Crashes,? ?Selling The Drama,? and ?Heaven.?
Experience the energy of Ed Kowalczyk?s live show, featuring hits from Live and his debut solo album Alive.

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Scott Hayward is a Derry native who graduated from Pinkerton Academy and Wake Forest University, where he majored in English. While working as a financial planner and looking for investment property in 2004, he came across a building for sale in Londonderry. Then called The Muse, Hayward attended a performance and knew immediately what he wanted to do. After purchasing and doing a major remodeling of the facility, while learning as much as possible about the music business, he opened Tupelo Music Hall on September 11, 2004. Tupelo has since become a huge hit with both music lovers and the many artists who take the stage. The venue has received much critical acclaim and has grown each year in number of performances, attendance, and revenue. Hayward credits the success of the venue to the guiding principles of the business; to present top-flight artists in an intimate and comfortable environment with excellent acoustics and first-class sound reproduction, and to provide a memorable experience for the audience and for the artist. In October 2010, Hayward opened a second Tupelo Music Hall in White River Junction, Vermont, using the Londonderry model. He also operates Tupelo Venue Management, a company providing consulting, booking, and management services to other music venues.
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