Shop Offers More than Cycles in Londonderry

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In a strip mall on a main road in Londonderry sits a store that opened in November of last year. The store is the second of its kind, though the first to be located in town. Offering more than just great products and repair services, customers can get a full biking experience at DG Cycles.

Owned and operated by Londonderry man Charlie Goodspeed, DG Cycles began three years ago in Epping, New Hampshire. Goodspeed’s best friend (since fourth grade) Eric Donnell had been working as a manager at a bicycle shop in Exeter for twenty years when had approached Goodspeed about opening their own shop. Goodspeed jumped aboard with the idea.

After operating the Epping store for three years, and realizing what a success it was, Goodspeed says the time came to open a second shop. “The plan was to have a couple of shops. The next shop was going to be closer to my house,” says Goodspeed. “I was sick of commuting thirty miles each way. I live a mile up the road (from here).” Goodspeed says there are currently no plans to open another shop.

The Londonderry shop is slightly larger than the original and offers a variety of products for bicyclists of all ages and skill levels. Children’s bikes, bike trailers for children or pets, helmets, clothing, seats, and shoes are just a few of the products available. The store also boasts a full workshop for repairs, tuneups, cleaning and overhauls.

Along with the store, Goodspeed also runs a number of bicycling events throughout town. Each Thursday night at 6 PM, all members of the community are invited to join in a bike ride. Leaving from Mack’s Apples on Mammoth Road, the ride is set at a slower pace along roads within town. No one gets dropped from the ride and bicyclists generally ride twenty to twenty-five miles.

On Tuesday nights Goodspeed also hosts a faster-pace ride. “It’s kind of like a male ego night,” says Goodspeed. “The point of the ride is to go as fast as you can. We’ll wait up for you at intersections if you don’t know where you’re going, but you can get dropped from the ride.” Goodspeed says riders average about 20 miles per hour during this race, so it is not for the novice biker. The ride leaves from the shop on Route 102 at 6 PM and follows local roads.

Goodspeed added that he occasionally hosts mountain bike rides on Sunday mornings as well. These are held at various locations, usually close to town. Riders meet at the location of the ride.

DG Cycles is located in the Appletree Mall at 4 Orchard View Drive in Londonderry, as well as 68 Old Hedding Road in Epping. Be sure to stop in today or visit them online!

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