Londonderry Store Remains Meat Icon

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Mr. Steer Meats opened in Londonderry in 1975 by a man who knows his meats and is possibly one of the oldest companies still in town. Chris George, owner of Mr. Steer, is a third generation butcher and grandson of a man who began his career in 1900.

Chris George began Mr. Steer Meats in 1975 after growing up in the meat industry.

George’s grandfather began working in a meat store at the age of 12 in 1900. After moving through the ranks, he eventually became owner of the Lawrence shop where George’s father also began working at a young age. George then began working alongside his father at the shop at the age of 8.

As George grew older, he began to recognize the little future that the Lawrence location held and decided to branch off and create his own meat store. Knowing the Londonderry area well, he rented a small building located on Nashua Road and opened Mr. Steer Meats.

At first, George says he had little to go on and no name for himself. Driving to the local meat markets daily, George would load his van with meats that were needed for the day. Over time, as his business began to flourish, he was able to gain credit for himself and become a trusted name in the meat marketplace. Now, all his meats are shipped from across the country.

Mr. Steer Meats has been offering quality meat products for more than 30 years.

Five years after opening, George recognized the need for something new and attractive in the meat industry. This was when he created his first marinade; red pork ribs. Teriyaki followed the next year and coated chicken, steak and pork. George now has about twenty marinades created by himself. The top two sellers are the Steakhouse steak tips and the Key West chicken and, during the busy season, about 6,000 pounds of marinaded meats are sold weekly.

Billy Burns works at Mr. Steer Meats filling sausage casing with a sweet Italian blend.

Meats are marinated in house using two rotating drums for each beef and chicken. The drums are filled with marinade and meat, then sealed. A vacuum is created inside the drum and it is spun for fifteen minutes. Each drum holds up to 500 pounds and George explained that he has even marinated a whole pig inside one.

Also made on site, and new to the store, is a wide variety of sausages. In October of 2011, after the Red Barn in Salem closed its doors, George jumped on the chance to hire sausage-extraordinaire Billy Burns. Now, Burns creates twelve different sausage blends at Mr. Steer Meats, where he uses high-tech equipment to pack the meat.

Sausage selections include three different breakfast types, a sun-dried tomato blend, a broccoli and cheese blend, one made with chicken, and kielbasa. Each Saturday, Mr. Steer hosts outdoor sausage tastings for customers. Mr. Steer also offers uncooked prepared foods like meatballs and stuffed chicken breasts, as well as precooked foods that can be reheated from home.

The marketplace at Mr. Steer Meats includes fresh veggies and items to make a variety of side dishes!

The store features a small market with boxed, canned and bottled foods and drinks to finish the meal. It also boasts a fresh produce section, where vegetables and fruits are purchased at local farms, including Kittredge Farm, Sunnycrest Farm, and Mack’s Apples. Boar’s Head cold cuts and cheeses along with Cryovac services are also available.

Located adjacent to the store is the Carryout Cafe. Owned by Mr. Steer Meats, the cafe is an inexpensive place to get a great buffet meal, a sandwich, or even catering services. All meats sold through the cafe come straight from Mr. Steer, guaranteeing only the best of the best.

Be sure to stop in Mr. Steer Meats, or the Carryout Cafe, located at 27 Buttrick Road, or visit them online!


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