Just Booked: Los Lobos at Pinkerton, The Fighting Jamesons, and Karen Grenier

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Hi Everyone,

We have a PHENOMENAL week of music to usher in the beginning of September! The show with The FIXX is sold out but we still have tickets for the shows with Jon Herrington, Rik Emmett, and Albert Cummings. If these shows don’t help you have a great Labor Day I’m not sure you ever will. Ha-Ha.

As part of our concert series with Pinkerton Academy, we just booked LOS LOBOS. This is going to be a great show. There’s a link to the Pinkerton Academy Stockbridge Theatre on our ticketing page. If you haven’t been to the theatre at that school, it will blow you away!

Only 30 tickets remain for THE SMITHEREENS show that we announced last week. Get tickets soon if you want to attend.

We still have tickets available for the FREE Tupelo Customer Appreciation show with VANCE GILBERT on September 22. Call us to get tickets. 603-437-5100.

We have booked THREE new shows to announce this week!

September 29 LOS LOBOS

I hope you have a great week!

“It’s All About the Music!”


Ticket Update
BLUE SKY RIDERS (with Kenny Loggins) – Only 5 tickets remain!
SONNY LANDRETH – Only 30 tickets remain!
MARIA MULDAUR – Selling fast!
CARBON LEAF – Only 28 tickets remain!
“Live’” ED KOWALCZYK – Selling Fast!
JEFF PITCHELL – Selling Fast!
THE SMITHEREENS – Only 30 tickets remain!

This Week
August 29 THE FIXX
This show is SOLD OUT.

Jon Herington is the veteran touring and recording guitarist for Steely Dan, a position he continues to hold after 11 years.
The Jon Herington Band is currently the hard-hitting, stripped-down guitar, bass, drums power trio version of the band which is specifically designed for the club and theatre concert scene, with a blues/rock/pop vibe and an emphasis on the SONGS and the GUITAR PLAYING. There is plenty of killer guitar for fans of Jon’s playing, and the lyrics are often funny in addition to being clever and compelling. Great support is supplied by a no-nonsense, take-care-of-business band featuring Dennis Espantman on bass and Frank Pagano on drums. All three band members sing, providing a much bigger sound than a typical trio.

August 31 RIK EMMETT
Come join Rik Emmett, lead singer and guitarist for the rock band Triumph, for a special performance at Tupelo! Rik will be performing a mix of classics, acoustic , jazz and blues, as well as performing as part of the Strung Out Troubadours with guitarist Dave Dunlop. It is a show not to be missed as these two master guitarists duke it out on stage.
Emmett and Dunlop (from the rock band Full Nine) first played together during a master class session at the National Summer Guitar Workshop in 1990. Much of their material originates from their acoustic guitars, with Rik singing lead vocal on some selections.
In 2007, Strung-Out Troubadours won “Album of the Year” and “Group/Duo Of The Year” at the Canadian Smooth Jazz Awards, where they were the most heavily-nominated act. Both Rik and Dave were also nominated for “Best Guitarist”, a category that Emmett had captured back in 2005.

Breaking every cliché associated with the blues while producing some of the most powerful music of the 21st century comes as natural to Albert Cummings as swinging a hammer while constructing one of his award-winning custom built homes. The Massachusetts native learned the requisite three chords on the guitar from his father, but then switched to playing banjo at age 12 and became a fan of bluegrass music. Like everything he tackles, he threw himself headlong into the pursuit, going to festivals and winning several picking contests in high school. Before graduating he heard the early recordings of Stevie Ray Vaughan, however, and was floored by the virtuosity. While in college in 1987 he saw Vaughan perform and he returned to the guitar with a new outlook and resolve. He had another tradition to live up to first, however, and he studied the building trade in order to follow his family into the home building business. Not until he was 27, an age when other musicians were either already established or had long ago put their dream aside for the realities of life, did Albert finally decide to go for it.

New Bookings
This is high-powered Celtic music like you’ve never heard and this new band is quickly picking up steam! The Fighting Jamesons deliver a traditional style of music with an aggressive and energetic modern-day approach. They’ve shared the stage with legendary Irish rock acts such as Dropkick Murphys, The Saw Doctors, and Young Dubliners.

September 29 LOS LOBOS
We are bringing Los Lobos to The Stockbridge Theatre at Pinkerton Academy in Derry to perform Kiko, the band’s most critically acclaimed album, in its entirety, including songs like “Kiko and the Lavender Moon,” “Angels With Dirty Faces,” and “When The Circle Comes.” They will also be playing hits from other albums. This is a very special show at a very special theatre.

With the release of her latest CD “Crazy Love”, Karen Grenier continues to make her mark as a both a gifted songwriter and crafty lyricist. Drawing in both new and faithful fans, Karen’s songs resonate in the heart and leave listeners anticipating the next song and humming her catchy melodies. A polished performer, Karen’s smooth, penetrating voice, rhythmic acoustic style and positive emotional energy make for an excellent concert experience. Voted the 2009 Boston Pride Idol winner, Karen was also named a semifinalist in the 2006 Peacedriven Songwriting Contest and won a songwriting award from Nashville’s Music City Search in 2002. In addition, several of her songs have been featured on the Dawson’s Creek DVD. Karen has spent the past thirteen years as a seasonal performer in the Cape Cod vacation destination of Provincetown, MA. She makes her living both as a guidance counselor and a professional musician. “You’ve got to reach for your dreams—it’s an attitude I’ve always tried to inspire in my students—now I’m living mine!” Karen has performed at clubs, festivals, coffee houses and colleges throughout Northeast. Currently promoting her “Crazy Love” CD, Karen continues to impress audiences with her catchy melodies, intimate lyrics and gutsy performances. For Karen, it’s all about being genuine and connecting with people. “If I can do that, I’ve achieved success.”

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Scott Hayward is a Derry native who graduated from Pinkerton Academy and Wake Forest University, where he majored in English. While working as a financial planner and looking for investment property in 2004, he came across a building for sale in Londonderry. Then called The Muse, Hayward attended a performance and knew immediately what he wanted to do. After purchasing and doing a major remodeling of the facility, while learning as much as possible about the music business, he opened Tupelo Music Hall on September 11, 2004. Tupelo has since become a huge hit with both music lovers and the many artists who take the stage. The venue has received much critical acclaim and has grown each year in number of performances, attendance, and revenue. Hayward credits the success of the venue to the guiding principles of the business; to present top-flight artists in an intimate and comfortable environment with excellent acoustics and first-class sound reproduction, and to provide a memorable experience for the audience and for the artist. In October 2010, Hayward opened a second Tupelo Music Hall in White River Junction, Vermont, using the Londonderry model. He also operates Tupelo Venue Management, a company providing consulting, booking, and management services to other music venues.
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