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Nestled in the Crossroads Plaza on the corner of Route 102 and Mammoth Road sits a small store with big connections. From computer repairs and printer ink, to international shipping and locally produced items, Pack and Ship Londonderry is more than just a place to send and receive packages.

Craig Iovino is owner and operator of Pack and Ship, as well as Merrimack Valley Computer Paramedics.

Owned and operated by Craig Iovino, Pack and Ship is home to Merrimack Valley Computer Paramedics. The computer repair company began about seven years ago in a small office, though Iovino states he’s had a degree in computers since 1995. As the computer business expanded, Iovino realized the need for a storefront and soon took over the postal center.

Currently, Iovino offers computer repair services primarily to small businesses and homeowners. Iovino and his partner will make onsite visits, as well as take computers at the Pack and Ship location. During onsite calls, Merrimack Valley Computer Paramedics will go to homes and businesses and will repair the computers generally within the same or next day. On occasion, they will need to remove the computer and bring it to the office. Computers dropped off at the office are serviced in a “first-in, first-out” manner and are generally returned within two to three days.

Pack and Ship Londonderry also features a variety of locally produced items.

Iovino said that, unlike other places, computers and parts are not shipped out; they are repaired in the office by himself or his partner. They can perform data backups, virus repair, transferring of documents and pictures from an old computer to a new one, and much more. He stated that nothing is done to the computers without customer consent; if a hard drive needs to be wiped or replaced, he or his partner will contact the customer to discuss options.

The Londonderry packing store also provides InkSpot services.

Pack and Ship also offers Ink Spot, a popular option for printer ink cartridges. The service offers customers with refillable ink cartridges a place to get them refilled. Recognizing that not all printers come with refillable cartridges, Ink Spot also offer compatible cartridges. The service can save customers between forty and sixty percent as well as encourages recycling and reducing waste.

In store, Pack and Ship has a number of locally produced products, artwork, and packing materials. Candles made in Londonderry, honey from Hudson, chocolate from Concord, and NH maple syrup are just a few items customers can add to their packages when shipping. Artwork adorns the walls for purchase, and postcards, knickknacks and household items adorn the shelves.

For no extra charge, customers can come to the store with their items unpacked. Staff will gladly help package the items properly for shipping, with no extra charge for handling. Just the packaging materials that are used will be charged to the customer.

Pack and Ship Londonderry sells various household items, packing boxes, and more!

Customers can also rent PO boxes at Pack and Ship, where they can no only receive US mail, but also FedEx, UPS, and DHL shipments. International shipping and receiving through US Mail, UPS, FedEx, and DHL is also available at the store.

Be sure to visit Pack and Ship Londonderry for all your computer, ink, and shipping needs at 123 Nashua Road Unit 17 or online here!


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