Peaches, Peaches, More Peaches

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No need to travel to Atlanta from the Manchester-Boston Regional Airport or even take a trip to Logan for a southbound flight. Peaches just 40 miles north of Boston fresh and ready for U-Pick, they don’t last long!

Over the last few years visitors to Londonderry have been able to delight to a new U-Pick delectable, peaches. Grown by all of the farms located in historic Londonderry, New Hampshire, peaches are adding a delicious and savory taste to the local U-Pick Peaches ripen in the Southern New Hampshire Sun in Londonderry, New Hampshireseason.  This crop is only opened to U-Pick if the year is good and the trees are full.

Ellwood and Merrills have peaches at the farm stands. Mack’s and Sunnycrest have farmstand peaches and U-Pick available.  For Mack’s start at U-Pick 3, the images in this story were shot there.  Sunnycrest start at the farmstand they will give you directions.

Be sure to check out the seconds at Sunnycrest a great value at only $1.00 a pound.  Good for canning, cobbler or peach pie, sort through them when you get home you will find some good fresh eating peaches no one will miss.

Peach Picking Facts

  • Pick with your eyes not your hands; squeezing fruit will cause them to bruise. Remember look for yellow color.
  • Gently twist fruit off tree and place in basket as if you were handling eggs, peaches bruise very easily!
  • A peach is softer than most fruit, so it is important to pick a peach gently, with little pressure. Using the sides of your fingers rather your fingertips helps to avoid bruising.
  • Grab the peach firmly and pull it straight off the branch.  A soft peach picked off the tree must be used within two days.

A ripe Peach formed with an extra peach shaped like a finger

Londonderry’s four farms; Mack’s Apples, Sunnycrest Farm, Elwood Orchard and Merrill’s Farm all offer peaches and a variety of other fruits and vegetables. Just a short trip from Boston Massachusetts , the White Mountains, and the Seacoast, the setting allows for a relaxing afternoon picking and eating delicious home grown products with family and friends.

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Relocating to Londonderry in 1982 Steve Young was looking to find a community that was close to the high technology beltway in Massachusetts. It also needed to have farms and orchards like the one he lived on in Upstate New York near Lake Ontario. Serving on a variety of Local Boards and Commissions he understands the unique nature of Londonderry. Surrounded by a transportation infrastructure the core of Londonderry are farms and recreation.
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