Company Helps Build Community one House and Business at a Time

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Prudential Verani Realty, now run by brother and sister duo Margherita and Giovanni Verani, began 45 years ago when their father sold his restaurant business. Built on the concept that business was done “belly-to-belly and face-to-face”, the real estate company has grown tremendously while managing to stay true to its roots.

Osvaldo Verani moved his family to Manchester, New Hampshire where he owned a restaurant during the mid-1950’s. After relocating to Rockingham Road in Londonderry and selling the restaurant business in 1967, Osvaldo began his venture in real estate. Margherita explained that, after completing college, she soon followed in her father’s footsteps; she became a real estate agent in 1974.

Giovanni and Margherita Verani now run the company their father established in the 1960’s.

Giovanni said he grew up in the industry; his father taught him that real estate is very Town-based. “You had to be very involved in the town meetings, what’s happening at the Planning Board level, because it effects real estate. So I’d always be dragged to those events,” he explained. After graduating college in 1992, Giovanni began working in the family business as well.

When Osvaldo first began the company, it was based primarily off land. This section of the state was growing and there was much opportunity for new construction and commercial properties. “My father loved land,” said Giovanni. However, recognizing the need for continued growth, Osvaldo began branching the company’s endeavors and became a full service real estate company dealing with resales, bank foreclosures, commercial, new homes, and relocation services. And the expansions have continued to present day.

At the beginning of 2012, Prudential Verani launched a new program called Verani Home Benefits. The program is offered to companies that may not be able to afford larger relocation companies. VHB, as it’s often called, is added to the employees’ benefits packages and allows for discounts on numerous aspects of relocating. These discounts include buying and selling commissions, insurance, title, mortgage, and home warranties. Using the package could save employees thousands of dollars per transaction. Though VHB is fairly new to the company, Giovanni said there have already been large companies, including the local YMCA and St. Anselm College, that have already signed on.

Companies not participating in the VHB program can also receive assistance when relocating. Prudential Verani will work with a company’s VPs to find the appropriate land or facility, while also familiarizing them with the area. This sort of “one stop shopping” allows the employer to determine if the area is not only right for the company but also for the employees.

Prudential Verani Realty’s signs have changed over the years.

With about 300 sales associates and 30 employees, Prudential Verani Realty is large enough to compete with national companies, but small enough to remain true to its roots. “We still train the agents today that, with all technology that’s out there, with all the ways to interface with the consumer, it’s still about your sphere of influence and your ‘belly-to-belly, face-to-face’ relationships to people. It’s more about the people,” explained Giovanni.

“We’re still small enough to be a family owned company that has a different set of values than all the other companies out there. We know what’s going on in our compnay, we have an open door policy,” stated Giovanni. “We’re small enough to make changes quickly if we have to based on the economy and so forth,” added Margherita.

Prudential Verani Realty has several offices located throughout New Hampshire. Locations include Portsmouth, Hampton, Salem, Concord, Bedford, Nashua, Milford, Barnstead, Exeter, and more. Having several locations allows commercial and residential moves, new homes, and land purchases to be widespread throughout the state.

The Londonderry Prudential Verani Realty office is located at 1 Verani Way. Be sure to visit them online or stop in one of their many offices.


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