Studying Learning at Oxford in Londonderry

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In a second story office, up an open staircase in a Londonderry building, sits a room closely resembling a small classroom. Smelling like a library and featuring shelves lined with books, pamphlets and essential learning materials, the room is home to more than just tutors and students.

Oxford Learning began seven years ago in Londonderry when Richard Whitehead was looking for extra help for his son. After finding no local tutoring services, he became determined to help students educationally and beyond and opened the center.

Whitehead explained that students who come to Oxford for tutoring first take an assessment to determine their academic level as well as their learning style. From there, every student is given an Individual Education Plan that keeps the center, the student and the parents on the same goal path. Students then begin working towards their goals to fill learning gaps, while also being encouraged to do their current schoolwork as well.

But doing schoolwork is only part of the tutoring experience, said Whitehead. Students who attend Oxford are going to learn studying habits, organizational skills and become better, well rounded students overall. The center focuses on going to the root of the problem and creating self-sufficient students. One of the steps to this program is called SQ-RCRC.

Each student receives the SQ-RCRC checklist and should remember to follow the steps both at Oxford Learning and at school. The checklist stands for “Survey, Question, Read, Cover, Recite, and Check” and requires students to review the homework page, ask questions about it, read it over, recite the page, and check their answers. By doing this, students begin thinking more about their homework assignments.

Students at Oxford generally work one-on-two with a tutor and fellow student, but can occasionally work one-on-one or one-on-three depending on the students’ needs, subjects covered, or flexibility of the tutors. Students are paired with tutors who teach in compatible teaching styles and teachers are often hired for their differing teaching skills.

Oxford Learning is available for students grades kindergarten to twelfth grade and tutoring is available in most major subjects. Concentrated studying for SAT’s, final exams, ACT’s and more is also available. Oxford also works closely with the school district and is a provider of SES.

Both Londonderry High School and Middle School buses will drop students off at the Oxford Learning Center, however elementary and younger students need to be brought in with a parent.

For more information about the learning center, visit them online, or stop by their Londonderry location at 24 Orchard View Drive, Post Office Square.


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