Entrain and More Coming to Londonderry!

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Hi Everyone,

Good morning to you. I hope your weekend was a good one and you were able to stay warm and dry (because it certainly was cold and wet).

We have a few great shows coming up this week, beginning with ASLEEP AT THE WHEEL tonight! Other shows includes The BODEANS on Thursday, COMEDY on Friday, and OVER THE RHINE on Saturday. The comedy night this Friday, by the way, is going to be one to remember!

Unfortunately, the Renaissance show on October 12 is being rescheduled due to health problems of one of the band’s members. We should know within a week or so when the new date will be.

The STEVE EARLE show that we announced last week is nearly sold out. Only precious few tickets remain for this one.

We have THREE new shows to announce this week!

November 23 ENTRAIN
February 14 LIZ LONGLEY

I hope you have a great week!

“It’s All About the Music!”


Ticket Update
RENAISSANCE – To Be Rescheduled.
MARIA MULDAUR – Only 19 tickets remain!
“Live’” ED KOWALCZYK – Only 18 tickets remain!
JEFF PITCHELL – Selling Fast!
STEVE EARLE – Only 8 tickets remain!

This Week
This show is SOLD OUT.

Featuring Mike McDonald, Ryan Gartley, and Chris D, this is going to be a comedy night to remember! For only $18, you won’t find a better deal for two full hours of comedy.

The Long Surrender, the new studio album from the southern Ohio-based husband-and-wife team of multi-instrumentalist/vocalist Linford Detweiler and vocalist/multi-instrumentalist Karin Bergquist, otherwise known as Over the Rhine, is something rare and wondrous — an intimate epic. Shot through with the joys and sorrows of modern-day existence and the unchanging fundaments of the human condition, the album has the feel of a living thing, senses alert, feet planted firmly on terra firma.
The album title “speaks to our ongoing desire to let go of certain expectations (and much of what we are so convinced we know for sure) in favor of remaining open and curious,” Karin explains. “It seems like many of our friends are currently wrestling with various forms of ‘letting go,’ so hopefully, the ideas conjured by the title feel somewhat universal. And I think the title speaks to the arc of a lifelong commitment to writing and performing regardless of recognition. Learning when to work hard and when to let go. Learning to leave room for grace to billow our sails occasionally. Learning not to white-knuckle everything.”

New Bookings
The Cherry Poppin’ Daddies was established in Eugene, Oregon, in 1989. Formed by singer Steve Perry and bassist Dan Schmid, the band has experienced many membership changes over the years, with Perry, Schmid and trumpeter Dana Heitman currently remaining from the original line-up.
The Daddies’ music is primarily a mix of swing and ska, characterized by a rhythmic rock and roll influence, a prominent horn section and Perry’s mordant lyricism. While the band’s earliest releases were rooted mostly in punk rock and funk, their subsequent studio albums have since incorporated elements from many diverse genres of popular music and Americana into their sound, including rockabilly, rhythm and blues, soul and world music.
Though first establishing themselves in the West Coast third wave ska scene, the Daddies ultimately broke into the musical mainstream with their 1997 swing compilation Zoot Suit Riot. Released at the onset of the late 1990s swing revival, Zoot Suit Riot sold over two million copies in the United States while its eponymous single became a radio hit, launching the Daddies to the forefront of the retro-swing genre, a perceived pigeonholing the band openly denounced in favor of their ska and punk influences.

November 23 ENTRAIN
Dance off that turkey with Entrain the day after Thanksgiving!
Epic in sound and kaleidoscopic in vision, the eclectic Martha’s Vineyard-based six-piece Entrain has been thrilling critics and fans alike since its inception. Entrain has recorded eight albums (one this year), all of which have been praised for their ability to shift effortlessly between musical styles – from rock, blues, calypso and ska, to zydeco, jazz and funk – often within the same song. “The whole Entrain concept is based around the drums and infectious rhythms. Once we’ve got that— anything goes, everything goes,” explains Tom Major (drummer). As Sam Holmstock (conga/djembe/trombonist) says, ”
The most important thing that we try to do with our music is bring everybody together in the spirit of peace, love, fun and a ton of drums!”

February 14 LIZ LONGLEY
Tupelo sweetheart Liz Longley is playing a show on Valentine’s Day! How fitting.
In the short time since her graduation from Boston’s renowned Berklee College of Music, singer-songwriter Liz Longley has assembled an impressive resume. While best known for her stop-you-in-your-tracks voice, Liz has steadily developed a reputation as an accomplished songwriter, crafting intimately personal portraits through her music.
In the past two years, Liz has taken home top prizes at some of the most prestigious songwriting competitions in the country, including the BMI John Lennon Songwriting Scholarship Competition, the International Acoustic Music Awards and the Rocky Mountain Folk Fest Songwriting Competition. New England named her the 2011 Female Performer of the Year, the Washington Post declared that Liz is “destined for a larger audience” and Dig Boston called her “a rising acoustic sensation.” Even John Mayer is a fan, calling her music “gorgeous, simply gorgeous.”

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