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The amazing thing about being part of Visit Londonderry is that I never know exactly where a week will lead. Even though I have lived here since the 60?s, grew up at Kendalwood Condos, taught at the High School, and raised my family here, each day I learn something special about our community. One thing is for sure, Londonderry is the best place to Live, Work and Play! Each week I will share with you some of the amazing businesses and things I have learned about Londonderry.

This week On The Road in Londonderry took me to different places and thoughts then just me stopping into businesses in town. As I look back on the last week I realized it was really more about good people in town, doing so much and asking so little in return.

The beginning of the week started with many e-mails from a lovely, very humble woman in town, Stacy Thrall. Stacy has served on so many committees in town and she is always, in my opinion, our lead advocate for our older adults here in Londonderry. Stacy serves as the chairperson for our elderly affairs committee; she created our Adult Education program that has been offering different topics of great value to our community. Topics include everything from Medicare, scams geared towards our elderly, and even one on hoarding last year. These run each month at our Leach Library.

Most people probably are not aware of the wonderful haven Stacy brought to Londonderry, right in her own home for our elderly and their families. If you are like me, you may not have heard of Here on Earth. Stacy recognized that many seniors and their families struggle with the changes that occur as we all age. Many children now are caring for their aging parents in their homes while raising families, too. Stacy created this beautiful place to give everyone a little break from life. Stacy is one of the most gracious and loving people you could meet, and that’s exactly what you feel when you enter her home and experience the Adult Day Care she offers.

Each day we are all getting older; things become more difficult and things that were once easy become harder. Stacy brings all that back; she has a painting room, music room, movie theater where old favorites are played or informational documentaries are offered. Her kitchen is filled with home cooked aromas that she serves at lunch and as snacks. Often, they even go out to lunch to many of our local restaurants. We all need a break and a place to gather and meet with friends. Here on Earth is the only Adult Day Care Program in NH. Stacy is also compassionately trained to work with older adults 60 and over, with Physical Disabilities and/or Moderate Alzheimers. Know that she’s there and spread the word; she is a gentle gift to our community.

Senator Carson is another person that I had the chance to spend time with this week. I know we all have different political views, but so often I find it sad that there are so many people, not just here, but pretty much everywhere, that sputter off at the lips about good people, who are doing their best, giving 120%, and asking for so little in return. This might sound nutty too, but I have never thought in terms of Democrat or Republican parties. I always vote for the person who is out there, representing me and my family and trying to do the right thing with all their heart. I’m not sure how Senator Carson does it all.

She makes every effort to not miss a thing that will support our community. She is always approachable, caring and sincere. She listens and does look at things from each side. This week alone she was at our Marine Memorial Bridge dedication one minute and the next minute at various dinners to honor and support great people in our community. Even though she must get tired, she shows us that she is humbled to be a part of these great things in our area. After her endless week of commitments, she still did not even hesitate when I asked her to attend just one more thing to support a new business in town. She was eager to hear about them and wants to help. A really nice part of being on the road this week was getting to know our Senator Sharon Carson. I wish I’d thought to thank her for all she does.

Now the business that I asked Senator Carson about has become a delicious addiction for my daughters and me. Have you tried Gigi’s Kouzina? They are not far from St. Jude’s church on Route 28. I don’t think I’ve ever said or written this before, but “You Have Too!” Another business in town, Freezer Warehouse, pointed them out to us a few months ago. When I walked in on Gigi, they had just barely opened. I told them about Visit Londonderry and our community. They told me about their business. They are a family run business. Years ago they owned Brother’s Pizza which was located on South Willow St in Manchester. Over 25 years ago, I had my first feta cheese and tomato omelet there! The world does get very small the more I travel around!


They decided it was time to bring their delicious cuisine back to our area. Soon after we met, my daughters and I went in for lunch. I promise you there are no words to describe the flavors and completely homemade foods that you will experience. Even their dough is made from scratch, which is almost unheard of today. Each day they have a different dinner entre, everything from baked lamb to their special this week Moussaka. Meredith and Mackensie love the homemade calzones. This week we tried Gigi’s Avgolemono Soup. We are all very fussy about this one soup in our house. It’s the one we bring to friends when they are ill, and the one that I love to have cooking on our stove when the girls come home from school. Gigi’s by far was the best we have ever had! Chunks of chickens, rice, lemon and carrots. When your chilled or not feeling well it can brighten a day. It’s ready and waiting at Gigi’s. Homemade Baklava is a staple desert there, but this week we tried Galaktoboureke, Oh My!

The last place I want to mention is another business in town that I didn’t know existed, The IronWorks Personal Training Studio. They are located at Landmark Crossing close to Echo Salon. Tricia and her husband are the owners and they offer private training sessions to people of all different ability levels. They offer us personal training, nutrition, yoga, and therapeutic message. They are now offering a two for one message event. Just call and schedule a message and you will receive a free message of the same time length to be used at your next visit. The price for a one hour message is so very low and you get a free one, something to look forward to down the road.

Well I think I need to stop typing and start preparing a little more for this storm everyone is talking about. Here’s one last thing John just reminded me to tell you that might help you too.

You probably have all noticed the lawn equipment and repair shop on Mammoth Road. It has been part of Londonderry for years! Do you know what really goes on there though? Well Mert has saved my family on more than one occasion. Just this week John started to prepare us in case the storm does hit. Well of course, when he went to start our trusty, rusty old generator, it didn’t start! It has not failed us in 14 years! John drove over to Mert and told him what happened. He really felt Mert would say, “You’re done; time for a new one”, but instead, Mert saved us again. He told John to bring it on down. John and I pushed the darn thing up onto a pickup truck we borrowed from a dear friend; John drove it over to Mert and in less than 24 hours, he had us ready for the storm. Cost: pennies compared to the price of a new generator. If you get a chance stop by and introduce yourself to Mert, see what he has and remember that he’s there for all of us. I wonder what we will be saying about the storm this time next week.

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Sherry has lived in Londonderry since the 1960's. Her mother was one of the first employees at Mr. Steer Meats. Sherry taught at the Londonderry High School for a number of years and spearheaded the first Career Education Class at the school. She has two daughters of her own with her husband John.

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  1. Stacy Thrall says:

    Good morning Sherry,
    Thanks so much for your gracious words, it’s humbling to read. I cannot say enough good things about Visit and all it is doing to spread the word about our community. Thank you for all you do, I look forward to continuing our work together.

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