Kitchenware Parties Bring Family and Friends Together

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What began as a fundraiser has become a career for one Londonderry resident. Jean Manley has lived in Londonderry for 23 years and, after getting laid off four years ago, coincidentally just days before the fundraising event, has been selling Pampered Chef products ever since. “I have always loved the products. I knew I would enjoy doing something like this rather than working in a cubical,” said Manley.

With over 400 products, Pampered Chef has something for every person, experience level, and interest in the kitchen. From a line of cutlery that lasts a lifetime and gadgets galore, to a stoneware line made to cook food faster, the products are made with families in mind. “The Pampered Chef products are made to bring the family back around the kitchen table,” explained Manley.

Parties are the best way see the products in action, while having fun with family and friends. The host can contact Manley and set a date and time that works for both. Next, the host picks a fun theme for the party. These include Mexican, “Chicken Your Way”, and Sweets, “because everyone loves chocolate!” Once a theme has been picked, a guest list is created. When party-day arrives, Manley arrives with everything that is necessary to cook the themed foods. She will also bring any specially-requested items.

Any number of guests can be present at the parties, from just a few to dozens. Manley said she’s presented at parties with over 40 people and can adjust to any party size. During smaller parties, she’ll present the items she has, do some cooking demonstrations, and answer any questions. While presenting at larger parties, she typically does just a question and answer session rather than demonstrations. “So many people already know about Pampered Chef, people at the party have a tendency to sell the product for me during the party,” Manley said.

Anything resulting in $150 worth of sales is considered a party. The average party lasts about two hours, though Manley only talks for 20 minutes. The best part for hosts is that she comes, presents, and leaves with all the dirty dishes. Hosts will also get monthly specials and free products.

Less than two weeks after closing the party, the host will receive the guests’ orders. The host must then deliver the products to the guests. Manley explained, “That is the fun part, distributing the product, because you can host a pick up party and get to see everyone again and the hostess gets to see all the different products.”

Manley will also do special parties, like bridal showers. During such a party, the bride will have a board with a wish list and guests can pick an item from the board. Pampered Chef is currently revamping their bridal registry, so it is unavailable at the time. The bridal shower parties are a great alternative!

Becoming a Pampered Chef consultant is easy and inexpensive, said Manley. “It is a great way to make additional income.” New consultants receive a free 30 day kit and will be trained by Manley; she will also accompany new consultants during their first party. Consulting is something full-time employed people can do on the side, because “It is a business you can do as little or as much as you want.”

On a final note, Manley said to make sure you use whatever you buy. “Buy the product but make sure you use the product. If you bought the product and can’t remember why you wanted it, call me. I’ll remind you.”

To find out more about Pampered Chef or to contact Jean Manley, visit her consultant website.


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