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The amazing thing about being part of Visit Londonderry is that I never know exactly where a week will lead. Even though I have lived here since the 60?s, grew up at Kendalwood Condos, taught at the High School, and raised my family here, each day I learn something special about our community. One thing is for sure, Londonderry is the best place to Live, Work and Play! Each week I will share with you some of the amazing businesses and things I have learned about Londonderry.

It is so hard to believe that it is Friday morning again, and so very quickly!

One of the neatest things that I want to tell you about this week is that, while I was waiting for New Beginnings Nail Salon at the Crossroads Plaza to open, I decided to go into one of my favorite little stores in town, the Londonderry Quick Stop. Growing up at Kendalwood, it was a quick trip for candy, bread or mom and dad’s lottery tickets, when we felt very, very lucky! As I was heading in the door, a man with this beautiful smile held the door for me. I knew that smile from years past, it was Ken Lynch.

Kenny has been in Londonderry even longer than me! For years he served on our Police Force. You could always count on him to be understanding and helpful. Kenny and I ended up catching up for quite a while on that misty Wednesday. We hadn’t run into each other in at least 20 years. He told me he loves volunteering at his son’s school, coaching, and is now an author. Ken’s books are available in our Leach Library. Trivia question of the week: we had so much fun talking about Then and Now around Londonderry; do you know what used to be on the land, years ago, where Home Depot is now? I had no idea. You’ll have to wait until the end, to find out!

After Ken and I caught up I went back in for my meeting at New Beginning’s Nail Salon. Laura, the manager is always welcoming. I’ve popped in on her a few times and she is always patient and kind. She was ready to join Visit Londonderry. As we were talking, the phone rang and when they said the name, I realized it was a dear neighbor who lives down the street. You always see someone you know, past or present, at New Beginnings. Laura has all the services, right here in town, to make our hands and feet look beautiful and feel younger! If you have little ones at home, ask about their Little Diva Pedi’s and Manicures and don’t forget, men can get pampered, too!

Craig, the owner of Wrap Shack, is another one of those great people in town. One of our hidden heroes. I don’t think he has ever said no to something that would benefit the children in town, our schools and the families of Londonderry. Sometimes I wonder where I have been. I had no idea that Wrap Shack offered delicious breakfast wraps, breakfast treats and delicious coffee. I was trying not to stare at a patron’s morning wrap, but the fresh scrambled eggs showing at the top should have been another picture moment!

Thinking of our children in town and another beautiful smile, don’t forget that Oxford Learning is right here, across from our post office. Richard and his family brought Oxford Learning to Londonderry 6 years ago. If your child needs help with any subject, reading, math, or as they get older Physics, and prepping for the SAT’s, it’s all right here. If you’ve even thought about helping your child with their studies for a minute, walk-in and meet Richard. Everyone feels at home there; it’s not intimidating and it’s a beautiful place to learn. I was surprised that Oxford’s fees are much less than the going rates that many tutors in our area charge. Richard is committed to your children and wants them to believe in themselves and achieve. We all need a little help here and there.

I really seem to be on a roll with smiles this week. Yesterday I rushed my daughter Mackensie to her annual dentist appointment at Aherns and Nichols Dentist in Derry. For once, we were right on time! We both felt very proud, even a few minutes early. The only problem was that I was day late! Both our mouths dropped.

I don’t think you can find a more professional, friendly and, yes, understanding practice in Southern NH. The receptionist smiled, gave us the news, but quickly added “That’s ok; let’s see where we can fit her in tomorrow”; again with a smile, kind of saying we all make mistakes and she didn’t want it to ruin our afternoon. Something else I love about this practice is that they can do everything you might need right there. Root canals, minor gum surgeries, baby cleanings, whitening… and they are gentle! My children love that we see them all around town, at church, Old Home Days, Joe’s DD; they live here and support our local businesses and community.

More smiles right here in town, Apple Tree Orthodontics. Many years ago when I was a young teacher here at our High School, I met Dr. Timmeny for the first time. I was very shy about going in, but I so wanted my bottom teeth to be straight. She assured me that many adults were getting braces and that it was never too late! 18 months later, my teeth were finally straight! A few years later Dr. Polgrean joined Dr. Timmeny and they make for the nicest team. Both my girls loved seeing each of them. Apple Tree Ortho has always had the nicest staff. I think most people would say that after you or your child’s braces are done, they have really become extended family.

Each Friday when I sit down very early in the morning to tell you about my week on the road in Londonderry, I never really know where the story will take us. Funny, it was mostly about smiles this week. I guess keeping with this weeks unexpected theme I will tell you about one more place that I visited; another beautiful, “I’m happy to be in Londonderry!” smile. Ron, the owner of Super Wok.

Did you know that Ron drives over an hour and 15 minutes each way, everyday, to keep his business here in Londonderry! Ron never greets you tired or worn. His smile radiates and he always lets you know he is grateful for your business. I thought that I had tried almost everything possible in Chinese Food. Last time we were in, Ron suggested we try Salt and Pepper Chicken Wings. Now, this is not something I would ever order. I like chicken wings, but we just never order them out. These darn salt and pepper chicken wings were so good that John and I stopped back a few days later and got an order to go, just for ourselves! Ron suggested we try the Salt and Pepper Shrimp next time and we can’t wait.

Oh, I almost forgot I promised I would tell you what Ken shared with me about the land where our Home Depot is now. It was a Boy Scout Camp for many years. I had no idea. I wonder where our Londonderry roads will take me this week.

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Sherry has lived in Londonderry since the 1960's. Her mother was one of the first employees at Mr. Steer Meats. Sherry taught at the Londonderry High School for a number of years and spearheaded the first Career Education Class at the school. She has two daughters of her own with her husband John.
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