Voting Continues for Londonderry’s Best Scarecrow!

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Take a walk down Scarecrow Row and vote for your favorite! Stop by Mack’s Apples, purchase a pumpkin and drop a penny in the box corresponding with your favorite scarecrow.

The scarecrow contest, started in 1993 by Andy Mack Sr., was a way to help local groups raise money. Years ago this event had over 36 scarecrows, this year only 7 participants have shown an interest. Throughout the years event participants have represented; classes at all of Londonderry’s schools, the LHS band, Girl Scout and Boy Scout Troops, PTA’s, sports groups almost all local civic organizations participated at some point during its 19 year history.

To make the scarecrow contest a success, Mack’s Apples donates the pumpkins and hay for the scarecrows. During the entire month of October, the scarecrows are on display and visitors place pennies or whatever they wish in the jar containing the number of the scarecrow they liked best. All of the monies will go to the charity chosen by the participating organization or to the organization itself.

Viewers walking scarecrow row are thrilled by each scarecrow and the creativeness of the entries. Scarecrows are decorated representing band members, butterflies, animals, Red Soxs Fan, and even a dreaded Yankee. Years ago the staff of Mack’s Apples placed a look-a-like scarecrow of Mike Cross, the farms manager, in the front lawn facing Mammoth Road.

Did you know?

The definition of a scarecrow is a device – traditionally a human figure or mannequin in old clothes – placed in fields by farmers to discourage birds. That which frightens or is intended to frighten without doing physical harm. Literally that which – scares away crows, hence the name scarecrow.

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