A Baker’s Dozen with Sherry

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The amazing thing about being part of Visit Londonderry is that I never know exactly where a week will lead. Even though I have lived here since the 60’s, grew up at Kendalwood Condos, taught at the High School, and raised my family here, each day I learn something special about our community. One thing is for sure, Londonderry is the best place to Live, Work and Play! Each week I will share with you some of the amazing businesses and things I have learned about Londonderry.

13, and 13 only, things to tell you about my road this week. Well at least that’s my plan right now. Honestly when I see the sun shining like it is right now I think of Hampton Beach and steamers at Markey’s, but back to the road I love that is very close to home.

Last week I challenged myself to write only two pages this week. Challenge might be a strong word, but let’s face it for my few readers out there, last week I said I would be short(ER) and I think I hit 7 pages! It was so darn cute this week when I ran into a few of you on the road; gentle comments were made like “Wow, I made it to page 5” or “Whew wasn’t it 7 pages!” Note to self, way too long. Now to keep my promise. I feel like Rocky (my all time favorite movie), the song is playing in my head even, “dadadadadadaaaaaa.” My fists are up in the air, “I can do this. Take this challenge. Let’s go.” A Baker’s Dozen it is. In two pages.

At our Visit Londonderry Member event last week, I met for the first time one of our newest members – from L-Town Garage in North Londonderry. Jacqui Phillups is one of the sweetest, most professional personable young women you would ever want to meet and she is one of our own: a Londonderry HS Graduate! She told me the L-Town Garage was a vision she had and she, like Rocky, made it happen. They have an exceptional, reputation in town. One of our best great supporters and voices for Visit Londonderry, Polly Ann Winslow, works there. Friendly, welcoming, there to serve us and always giving us the best price and service.

This Monday was one of my busiest days yet with Visit Londonderry. First Susan Hana and I met at her studio so that we could catch up on all the little conversations we never got to finish at our event. Susan’s art was just as I remembered it amazing. She told me green is her favorite color and that in March she will be having a showing of her work hosted by Christine at Coffeeberries.

Susan had one of the best lines I have heard about many businesses we discussed, and she and I have both been around Londonderry for many years. Susan said “Well, how are they promoting themselves? I didn’t even know they were there,” about so many places we discussed. That’s why our good businesses and profit and non-profit organizations in town need to be a member of Visit Londonderry. Visit is all about telling and sharing their story, or as Susan would say, “Promoting themselves.”

The membership price for a whole year is shockingly low, and that’s not just me saying it, you can check with any of our members. That’s why I love being a voice for Visit. It’s so scary how much our good businesses in town are paying for a few lines here, or coupon there. Please encourage businesses you know to give me a call before they spend all that money, I promise they wouldn’t be disappointed. Oh poop! ½ a page gone and I’ve only written about 1 place. Focus, Sherry, Focus. Here goes.

My next stop turned out to be one of my most beautiful visits yet. I had an appointment with Nicole from Exhale Yoga Studio. The buss is definitely out there about this peaceful haven Nicole has created. Barbara Kacos has been telling me for weeks I have to see this place and how much the classes have benefited her and her friends. I can’t say enough, you just have to walk in and see for yourself.

I think Nicole has set her fees up for me. I have such a hard time committing to anything for months or years. At Exhale I can drop into a Yoga or Zumba class and pay as I go or get a great discount buying a 10 class card, a month pass or pay for the year. You know what I’m about to type. How great is that?! I hope to try my first class sometime next week. Oh, Oh, OH! I forgot to mention Nicole is going to be offering Surfest Yoga, too! Yes, surf boards are used! It is the newest concept in Yoga out there and it will be offered to us at Exhale!

I know it seems strange for me to tell you about two Auto Service Places in one week, but here I go. My next stop Monday was at Lemire’s Auto Service right on Rockingham Rd, almost across from Gigi’s (have you tried the Hummas yet?). How did I hear about Lemire’s? Well it’s that belly to belly business that Visit Londonderry is all about. Tammy, who was my student years ago and has worked with Yonda and Teddy at Avandi’s for years, is George’s daughter! When I walked into Lemire’s, I was greeted by Rick. George was test driving a car.

George explained that they do all types of auto work and repairs. He’s going to think about joining and wants me to stop back in next week. We’d be honored to have them on board. I bet both of my Auto Repair places this week would even give you a ride home if you needed it or had to wait. You know, I bet all of our Auto places do when they can. I know Chuck at BP has helped my family out before through the years, too! Hey there is another great full service auto place with a quick stop convenience store if you need it and fair gas prices too.

I have to watch my space now. Before I run out of space I have to make sure I tell you about two gifts to our area and especially to me. I really believe, and you know this, that so often things happen for a reason. You end up disappointed in one way only to be led to something else in another way. The next two places I have to tell you about this week were just that. The first I believe was truly a God send to me; and I do believe sent by God!

For months, Kathy has been telling me to visit Milana Legal. Finally, I did just that. I was a little intimidated, I will admit. A law firm. Would they even take my call? I called and spoke to Lisa in the office. Friendly and helpful don’t even begin to describe the person who answered the phone. We made an appointment for a few days later. No problem.

The day of our appointment I am greeted as I try to enter the wrong door of the office by Jenny Milana herself. She is the most personable, friendly, helpful, down to earth and intelligent lawyer I have ever met! Or probably ever will. Jenny listened, joined and then I asked her what type of law she practices. I know I should have known that walking in the door but I didn’t and she was great about it. Guess what kind of law she practices? If you remember one of my first On The Roads I told you all about my dear friend Gertie who died with a handwritten will that she thought was fine and it was not! Well Attorney Milana specializes in Estate planning law. Once I heard her answer I had to decide if it would be right to ask Jenny for a little, yes free, advice on the horrible situation we are still in with Gertie’s Estate. Jenny listened as I explained the 3 year, still not completely settled sad state of affairs we are still in.

I’ve called and worked with many lawyers to try and help us with this and they want nothing to do with it. Jenny said, “That’s not a problem. I’ll just do this and this. If the court says ‘yes’, great. If not, then we’ll need to do this.” I asked about payment and she said we didn’t need to worry about that until services were rendered and it was completed. I shyly asked next what type of bill might we expect, and I had to ask twice. Maybe I asked her to repeat it 3 times even. Any number I’d been given was in the thousands, when we have already paid thousands. Jenny said it would be in the low hundreds! Her hourly fee is fair, her heart is honest, and she loves what she is doing.

Did I mention that the office is warm and inviting? If you need legal services, call Milana Legal. If you have not done a will yet, call today. Milano will do it for you and do it right. Now you understand why I said this On The Road Visit was a God send. I had no idea walking in for that appointment that one of my big prayers would be answered. Why didn’t I listen to Kathy long ago. Oh no, so much to say and so little space to type it in.

If you have children or are planning to have a family, learn more about Southern NH Montessori School Academy. When my children were little and because I had been a teacher, I so wanted Meredith and Mackensie to experience the gift of a Montessori education. The director, Debra Hogan, had a vision to bring.

(Oh no, I’m over, darn it! I tried so hard. Oh, I have an idea though. Smaller font! Space back!)

Anyway. You should call for an appointment for a “Fill The Chair” observation time. Children are allowed and encouraged to learn at their own pace. They are not talked at or forced to sit endlessly. They become a partner in their learning and each other’s learning. Their strengths are celebrated and their weaknesses are celebrated too!

We all have things we learn quickly and other things that we do not. They learn through touch, participating, doing, being, moving, talking. It’s hard to explain here but I believe in it so much that I thought about becoming a trained Montessori teacher at one time. Debra and her team of educators are filling such a need in our area that they have had an expansion to their school each year. Did you know that some of our greatest people were given a Montessori education? Julia Child, Gaudi and Ann Frank, to mention just a few. I believe a Montessori education gives children permission to think outside and beyond the box!

One of the last stops I made this week was to say Hi to Ilona at Little Bye Buys Boutique. Ilona has been a member for a while, but I just love to visit and see the new items she has gotten in. Everything looks brand new; it’s hard to believe it may have been gently worn. She even has a $1 rack and many new items and specials. Thank goodness we have her in town. I didn’t realize she even has beautiful children books and American Girl books too! Louise was also there visiting and when I mentioned I had so many American Girl things at home that I thought about bringing in, she said her little 6 year old granddaughter loves one of the first AG dolls Kit. Time to get our things together and bring them into Little Bye Buys Boutique. Maybe 8; not quite a baker’s dozen and I’m out of space.

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