Commander Cody and Sixpence at Tupelo this Weekend, Great New Bookings!

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Ticket Update
KATHLEEN EDWARDS – Only 20 tickets remain!
GANDALF MURPHY – Only 4 tickets remain!
TUPELO COMEDY NIGHT – Only 36 tickets remain!
KAREN GRENIER – Only 14 tickets remain!
MIKE DOUGHTY – Only 39 tickets remain!
AARON CARTER – Selling Fast!
JEFFERSON STARSHIP– Only 14 tickets remain!
RUSTED ROOT – Selling Fast!
JUDY COLLINS – Only 1 tickes remain!
JON BUTCHER – Only 15 tickets remain!
The FIXX (April 4) – SOLD OUT
SMOKIN’ JOE KUBEK – Only 20 tickets remain!

This Week
Artist, musician, and pioneering band leader Commander Cody helped invent a whole new style of music during the early 70’s, a period regarded as the height of rock innovation. Commander Cody and His Lost Planet Airmen were one of the original groups to fuse divergent strains of American Roots Music-stripped down basic rock and roll, rhythm and blues, jazz, bop, country, western swing, and rockabilly, and create an innovative, yet familiar and convincing sound.

Since forming in 1993, the Nashville-based band (started by Slocum and singer Leigh Nash), has released four albums, scored several hit singles (“Kiss Me,” “There She Goes,” “Don’t Dream It’s Over” and “Breathe Your Name”), appeared on seemingly a million soundtracks, landed a platinum record and even earned a few Grammy nominations. But the band amicably parted ways in 2004, shortly after releasing their last full-length record, Divine Discontent. LISTEN

New Bookings
March 1 JOHNNY A
Johnny A. has one of the most eloquent voices in modern music – and he doesn’t sing a note. Instead, he channels joy, love, humor, sadness— every aspect of the human experience, through his guitar.
Only the finest musicians have the ability to capture the nuances of life in sound, which puts Johnny in a very exclusive group of six-stringers that includes Les Paul, Wes Montgomery, Jeff Beck, Chet Atkins, and Jimi Hendrix. The secret is his blend of melody, sonic definition, technique and that indefinable-yet-tangible quality called “soul.” And he’s eloquently shared that secret on the CDs Sometime Tuesday Morning (2001), Get Inside (2004), and the instructional DVD Taste, Tone, Space (2006), which are approaching combined sales of 150,000 copies. All the virtues of Johnny A.’s playing are in abundant display on One November Night, a brand new DVD/CD set recorded live at Scullers in his hometown of Boston, MA. LISTEN

April 3 THE FIXX
The 80’s produced some great band. The FIXX is one of them. After seminal hits such as “One Things Leads to Another,” “Red Skies,” “Saved By Zero” and “Stand or Fall,” The Fixx has always been very conscious of making sure it had something to say. Their live performances are great. This band hasn’t missed a beat in 30 years! LISTEN

The Flatlanders are a country band with considerable country rock influence from Lubbock, Texas founded by singers/songwriters/guitarists Jimmie Dale Gilmore, Joe Ely, and Butch Hancock.
They garnered little attention during their brief original incarnation, but when the band’s three core members later found success in solo careers, interest in The Flatlanders was rekindled, and the band has reformed a few times since.
The Flatlanders formed in 1972 in Lubbock, Texas. Gilmore, Ely and Hancock formed the group, with Gilmore as the main songwriter and singer, with several other collaborators: their friends Steve Wesson, previously a non-musician, on autoharp and musical saw and Tony Pearson on mandolin and backup harmony, as well as Tommy Hancock (no relation) on fiddle and string bassist Syl Rice. LISTEN

Since The Alternate Routes released their debut album Good and Reckless and True, hailed by Performing Songwriter as having “an unfailing melodic and soulful touch,” many miles have rolled under their van’s wheels and many stage’s have witnessed their songs. They’ve morphed into a touring beast with a sturdy backbone of fan support and an impressive repertoire of crowd-pleasing songs. Their sound – a hybrid vibe of Rock n’ Roll grit and ghostly, meaningful balladry-provides the kind of wide-ranging sonic experience that leaves crowds feeling they got more than they bargained for. “Every night we push ourselves to take our show to a new level,” says guitarist Eric Donnelly.” That’s what keeps us going, knowing that the next thing is gonna be the great thing. The next album is what we’re fighting for, the next big gig. That’s the addiction part of what we do.” LISTEN

More than a decade after breaking into the Boston music scene, Chad Perrone continues to play to large crowds of dedicated followers, friends and new supporters. Since 2005, Perrone has put out 3 full-length studio records, a live record, garnered five Boston Music Award Nominations and had the opportunity to share the stage with the likes of Sting, Guster, The Goo Goo Dolls, SafetySuit, Parachute and more. From his early years fronting the band Averi, to his departure and solo efforts to-date, Perrone continues to put out records that have found their way to more than one reviewer’s “top of the year” list.
Frequenting renowned clubs in New England and New York, whether with a full band, as part of a duo (with his best friend Dennis Carroll on piano), or through an intimate solo performances, Perrone continues to bring his recorded music to life. “I know my songs end up being serious, but I’m really quite the goofball. I just try to keep the shows themselves light. We’ll be serious when the time calls for it, and hopefully laugh a lot during the rest of the time.”

October 10 COLIN HAY at Stockbridge Theatre
“An aboriginal man once came backstage after a show and said to me in a kindly voice, “Where’s your dance? I used to like your dance, you’ve lost your dance mate, you’ve gotta find your dance.” So, I set out in search of it, looking here, there and everywhere in all corners of the globe. Quite soon I realized that “finding my dance” is an inner search, and that whilst I may never truly find it, it matters not. What’s important is to keep searching, and in the process, refine and simplify the steps.” -Colin Hay
Themes of redemption and renewal come naturally to Colin Hay, as he is in the midst of a remarkable renaissance. While his voice and visage are still familiar to millions from his tenure as front man, principal songwriter, and lead vocalist of pop sensations Men at Work (“Down Under,” “Overkill,” “Who Can It Be Now?”), the past twenty years have found him quietly yet tenaciously re-introducing himself to new generations of fans. It has been an organic process, building momentum through constant touring, and film and television exposure.
“Finding My Dance” is Hay’s expression for connecting with one’s authentic self. In the process, he takes the audience on a musical journey, sometimes straight down the main road, and sometimes taking the twists and turns of the road less traveled. Whether or not you have seen him before, you will laugh, you may shed a tear, but you will most certainly be more than entertained. Hay is at the absolute peak of his craft. As a writer and vocalist, he has never been more masterful.
“Hay is funnier than most stand-up comedians, so he’ll split your sides and then drop a heartbreaking ditty on you.” -The Houston Chronicle

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