Accountant Firm Takes Clients to the Tropics

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David Picchi has been in the accounting business since 1972 and has owned his own tax consultant business in Londonderry since 1985. Stemming from a chance meeting on a place to a convention in Hawaii, Picchi and his partner were able to purchase the Londonderry firm.

Stepping into the office at Londonderry Square transports you to the beaches of the tropic. Blue walls covered in fish and other sea life, parrots, flamingos, and a surfboard are just a few of the decorations in the office. The whole theme started when the firm first opened, explained Picchi. “We bought some blue paint that was really bright.”

Picchi thought he could tone down the office with some creativity. “My wife bought me this parrot on a cruise and I thought, ‘Well, the parrot needs something,’ so I painted the tree,” and the whole thing grew from there, he said. Clients now bring him pieces to add to the office collection. “I enjoy the reaction of first time clients entering the office.”

The bird that began the tropical theme in David Picchi’s office still hangs from it’s tree on the wall.

Picchi offers accounting and tax services to individuals and corporations, as well as financial statement preparation. He works closely with his clients to answer questions about any new tax regulations. Picchi also works with those who have been audited, provides Quickbooks training, payroll management, and many tips on estate planning, college fund savings, and more.

Along with the years of financial services Picchi has provided, he has done much for the Londonderry community. He was a strong leader in Londonderry Rotary for over 25 years, lived in Londonderry and had a daughter that graduated from the high school, and was active in the Make-A-Wish foundation for nine years. He was also very active in the initial formation of the program.

David Picchi CPA, LLC is located in Londonderry Square on Route 102 in Suite 211. Office hours vary but Picchi is very flexible with his hours. It is best to call the office to set up a meeting. Be sure to visit his website for more information.


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