Thank Goodness! in Londonderry

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The amazing thing about being part of Visit Londonderry is that I never know exactly where a week will lead. Even though I have lived here since the 60?s, grew up at Kendalwood Condos, taught at the High School, and raised my family here, each day I learn something special about our community. One thing is for sure, Londonderry is the best place to Live, Work and Play! Each week I will share with you some of the amazing businesses and things I have learned about Londonderry.

Thank Goodness! This was the first thing to come to my scattered mind as I sat down to begin my On The Road with Sherry this week. I have a little more to tell you about this week, but it all started with our Election Day Tuesday. Going to the POLLS and voting in our town is something I always juggle around with. What time to go, last minute or the start of the day, maybe I won’t make it at all, which I know is horrible to even type, but each time I go I remember how much it warms my heart and soul to be there.

This election things were definitely much quieter than years past. I remember standing out there a few years ago, holding signs that said Vote for My Daddy; everyone was out there, hoping their candidate or item would pass. This year was much more relaxed, peaceful but still such a gift.

Mackensie had the day off from school, but the only thing she wanted to do was go to breakfast at MaryAnn’s with John and I. That is just a fun, delicious place! Every time we seem to find a new piece of nostalgia to look at or to tell the girls a story about. I love how you can enter from either end of the restaurant too! Somehow they keep it all fair, and the food and atmosphere are always worth waiting for. 3 huge omelets, coffee and apple juice later we headed to the POLLS.

Always been something I like about saying and typing that word, POLLS. It makes me feel really important, I’m heading to the Polls. The funny thing is it really is important and by going we all really do have the power to make a difference and create change.

The real gift of the polls to me is seeing so many of our good people in town, talking, catching up, laughing, and kind of reminding each other that we are all really here for each other. For me, the greatest thing that came out of this voting day was the passing of the Londonderry Trails Warrant. Again Thank Goodness! We need something happy, new and fresh in our town. A place we can all meet at all ages in our life, get away from all the technical things and breathe. I’m so happy it passed. I know it will add a little on to all of our Tax Bills, but it really is so minimal when you think of the legacy it will leave.

So often the people that balk the most about money are the ones that have more than enough to go around. In our family as we are all getting older, we have met more situations where John and are starting to believe that some people really do think they can take it with them when they leave this life! My friend Lana even has a saying something like “do they think they can line their coffin with it?” Now I know this is harsh, but I know as your reading this you are thinking of someone and saying, Wow that’s Him or that’s Her! Just don’t let it be you! Share, Help and Make a Difference!

Did you notice our Londonderry Alert Responders group at the POLLS? Talk about men and women, giving up time, there for all of us and not asking a penny in return. They are the best of the best and we are so blessed to have them. As we drove away for the POLLS I started my yearly worry for what Wednesday morning would bring.

My day started Wednesday morning at 7:30 prompt. I have been dreading this appointment for weeks now. I have been convinced that having an appointment on 3/13/13 the Ids of March, must be some type of a horrible omen. See how my mind can wonder! I even thought seriously about cancelling it, moving to another “luckier” day maybe. I think I thought of every possibility, but in the end did nothing, showed up on time and waited to be called in. I’ve been calling this “putting my big girl pants on”, I’m not sure how I even came up with that name for it, but it’s been my choice saying for a while now. Guess, do you know where I was? Yes, it was my yearly physical. Now the contradiction here is that once I enter the doors, as afraid as I am, they are like our extended family. We have been with Dr. Joan Romboli’s practice Landmark Family Health, P.C. since the girls were very little. All four of us see them for everything and of course if it’s something that we need a specialist for they refer us to the best in the area. I love that we are all at the same place and that they really know and care about my entire family.

I wonder if everyone feels this way about physicals. I imagine every possible thing that they can find. I must drive John nuts, but he just “thinks it in his head” at least on this topic anyway. It’s all just so scary and I guess I always think, why not me, I’m not better than anyone else. It scares the dickens out of me, I always feel like Chicken Little, The Sky Is Falling.

Well if you need to find a home for your families health care needs call Landmark, there could not be a more loving, friendly, and helpful (oh and patient) health care provider in town. Remember I just typed that they will refer you to specialist when you need them, before I left Joan did. Turns out I have a couple moles, probably age spots, that should be checked out.

The office made me an appointment with Dr. Zabawski a new Dermatologist in town. He took a chance on Londonderry last July. We’ve been to other dermatologist before but Dr. Zabawski’s name kept coming up a lot lately. One of my favorite families in the world The Tamburino family’s daughter Kendra just completed her internship there. She has been telling me how wonderful and knowledgeable the practice was for a while. Now I understand why.

I hate, yes hate that feeling we are starting to get in more and more places of being herded in like cattle, toss them your insurance card, make your co pay, and take a number practically. Well that’s not what happens here. I walked in and was greeted by the friendliest people at the front desk. They asked me to complete a questionnaire so they could get to know me better, no rush, and the best part was they had a bowl of candy treats there if I wanted one (or two).

Paula called me into the patient room and explained what would be happening next. Dr. Zabawski came in shook my hand, took his time, and listened closely to what I was saying. We talked about many things from acne to aging. We talked about skin cancer and I told him that I lost my best friend in the world, June, to skin cancer at the age of 42. He explained to me that he catches more cases of skin cancer in patients that are coming in for an array of different things, but when he does their screening he finds things they never would have guessed they had. The good news is he finds them early and their story has a happy ending.

Dr. Zabawki lost someone very dear to him to melanoma also, and that is what lead him to being a dermatologist. He’s the right person to be watching our back (and front). Dr. Zabawski, reminds me of a younger “Old Country Doctor”. He took a chance on Londonderry and I promise you won’t be disappointed if you take a chance on him!

Well the most unexpected beautiful thing happened this morning and I have to tell you about it. Kathy sent an e-mail around to all of us at Visit Londonderry saying something like “We should all be there, they are going to put the steeple on the Orchard Christian Church this morning at 10:30”. I thought that’s the first time Kathy ever sent something like that out, it’s not really her style “should all be there”. Kathy knew this was going to be a moment in time and she was right.

My family has loved going up and down Pillsbury Road since November after the construction for the Orchard Christian church began. It seems every couple days there has been a great change or addition and we have loved watching it come together right in front of our eyes. We did notice the beautiful steeple waiting patiently at the front of the church on the ground this last week. Kathy’s e-mail intrigued me and John so we headed over. As we were driving up Pillsbury toward the church we watched as the steeple was being lifted into the air. We parked quick and ran to join a large crowd waiting for the steeple to find its new home safely. I knew it would be a “nice to see”, but I had no idea the effect it would have on me and everyone else there.

The Steeple connected perfectly, then we watched as two brave men, way up high made the final adjustments. Dear Goodness now I’m getting teary typing this to you, a tilt of the head to tell myself to stop getting teary and tell you what I felt, what we all felt. HOPE, I felt as though that beautiful church and beautiful Steeple are a sign of Hope for all of us here in our town. It’s been a tough winter for so many, but with the sun shining and apple trees around this beautiful new place of worship, I felt HOPE. Sorry, Happy Tears Again. Pastor Ken and Lee stood with us, few words were shared and we just watched. It was like seeing a rainbow or a falling star, HOPE, for new days to come and it helped remind me of all the good and happiness around us. If you are looking for a spiritual home, Orchard Christian is waiting for you with open arms.

***I know last week I wrote to you that my plan this week was to investigate that new part of our town that has the Corporate Travel Company and so many other businesses. Forgive me, I never really know where the road will take me, but I hope to find my way back there next week.

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