Women’s Fitness Center Begins New Challenges

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With Spring (slowly) approaching, Londonderry’s Creative Fitness for Women is now offering two different health challenges for those looking to get fit and run this summer. Beginning April 1, 2013, the challenges include an eight-week Get Fit Body Challenge and a seven-week Get Ready to Run course.

The Get Fit Body Challenge begins on Monday, April 1. For one price, participants get eight weeks of personal training and eight weeks of nutrition. The personal training includes three one-hour sessions per week, focusing on weight training, cardio training and functional training. The nutrition program features planned meals, email support and food lists.

Through the Get Ready to Run program, participants learn how to run from a Certified Personal Trainer and prepare themselves to run a 5k on May 18, 2013. Two options are available, both seven weeks long, and include either two or three days per week of training and entry into the 5k in May. Training days are Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6 until 7 PM and Saturday from 7 until 8 AM. Training begins April 2, 2013.

Both programs are being sponsored by Creative Fitness for Women, located at 123 Nashua Road in Londonderry. For more information about Creative Fitness or these programs, visit their website.


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