A Full Moon and star gazing in Florida with Sherry

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The amazing thing about being part of Visit Londonderry is that I never know exactly where a week will lead. Even though I have lived here since the 60?s, grew up at Kendalwood Condos, taught at the High School, and raised my family here, each day I learn something special about our community. One thing is for sure, Londonderry is the best place to Live, Work and Play! Each week I will share with you some of the amazing businesses and things I have learned about Londonderry.

First of all I have to congratulate our winner of the last On The Road With Sherry’s contest. Drum roll, in my head. It’s Lisa Trainor of East Derry! Lisa sent me a message and said, “Sherry, you probably already have a winner but the answer is a ‘Hallmark’ store.” Lisa is right! I wish it was more Lisa, but the 5 dollar DD gift card is yours.

Lisa remembers, I think it was Cutler’s Hallmark store just as I do. It was just one of the first little card/trinket places you could linger around in. I even got a beautiful cross there, a big one too, white maybe 12” x 12” with a dove and vines around it, soft and pretty for just $12 I think. I liked it and the price so much that most of our dear friends got one as a Christmas gift that year. I miss that place, I bet some of you do too.

Well you might be wondering why I’m in Florida. I wish I could tell you it’s for some big, big, big business conference. Even as I’m typing to you I see many beautiful men and women walking around in their lovely suits, and shoes looking very important and intelligent too! No that’s not me, that will never be me. It is fun to watch and wonder though! Oh did I tell you it’s just after 6am? It’s so pretty here. Wish I could sleep on vacation, but even here I think I must feel as though I’ll be missing something great if I don’t get up. Somehow I snuck out of the room, didn’t wake the girls, found my computer which was still in a bag, how cool is this. I couldn’t see a darn thing but I remembered there is a fancy dancy flashlight on my iPhone; I hit the right button and it worked. Then it took me maybe 15 minutes and a nice women at the front desk, to connect me to the internet, we were both baffled, but suddenly I’m up and running and typing to you.

I’m settled into this beautiful lounge area that at night is hopping but in the early morning it is quiet and comfortable. Big comfy chairs, aquariums and now me, barefoot with my hot tea, hungry belly and purple purse with a tear in it. I’ve got this whole place to myself right now; how great is that? I would have had this week’s story done by now, but I keep getting distracted. Not by anyone else, just myself. When I first sat down, there in the still dark morning was this huge full moon looking down at me through the window. I got up to try and take a picture for you and me but my iPhone is a pretty old one and you have to get really close to snap the moon. I know it sounds ridiculous, but I left all my stuff, yes my computer too and started following the moon. Out the door, down the stairs and to the beach. I’m always such a fraidy cat but the way that moon looked and the way it was calling me I kept walking to the beach, alone. I hope Jackie can figure out a way to include the picture in the story so you can see what I mean.

Before I get back to the road this week, I have to tell you one more thing that maybe you can do with your family if you haven’t already. When those stars and that moon are crisp and perfect and maybe even falling, have a few blankets ready by, in our case, your basement door, and every once in a while grab everyone you love, have them rush outside, spread out those blankets, lie down as flat as a board on the pavement and just watch those stars. This is something we’ve been doing for many years, and I promise it will take your breath away.

The reason you need a few blankets is: 1) If it’s chilly you may need to cover up; 2) Which is beyond if you are lucky and see your neighborhood family driving in late, taking the dog out, or on the back porch, you can yell for them to come over and then you have room, a blanket waiting! The best, best, best part is watching for those falling stars! It’s the worst and best feeling, all at the same time when you see one, but everyone else misses it! Or when everyone else screams because they just saw one, but then you realize you had been looking in completely the wrong direction! Some of our best memories have been on the pavement, with a blanket looking up together.

Before we left, Mere’s friend Kara told me there was a meteor shower Monday night. Thank goodness before I got everyone up, Shea and I headed out to find it was cloudy. Back to bed. Last year when we were here, a group of business people were in the room next to us, moms and dads who like us, don’t get out much and the later it got the louder they were. Mackensie and I were up listening to them talking loudly about their kids and spouses, I know that may not seem right but it was really fun! As it approached 2 am, we woke Mere and headed out to the beach to star gaze. A nice security guard came along with us even, I know you can already picture how beautiful it was. John thought we were crazy, he thought about getting up but then he fell back to sleep.

Anyway, I have other things to tell you about and by now you’re probably bored with my rambling and maybe even wondering how we got to FL in the first place. I’ll tell you quickly my Canadian cousin found this place they really do call “Paradise” three years ago. She and my two favorite aunts were heading down and wanted us to meet them. Being a stay at home mom all these years there really has never been much money left for trips or new cars, but John is a master at saving points from the travel he has to do for work. That’s how we got our last two gas grills and that’s how we ended up here!

Now Back to the Road, and then I am saving one funny story for the very end, if you make it that far!

First of all last week I meant to ask all of you, Do you know how great our Leach library is? Dear Goodness how I have grown to love our precious library. When we first moved back to Londonderry in ’99 it was at our Library and some of the amazing children’s story times that the girls and I met some of our dearest friends. If you’re a young mom, check these programs out. The children’s room, back then was our indoor jungle gym in so many ways.

John would get a little annoyed because we always seemed to have so many overdue books out and about, and you’d be surprised how those nickels add up, but he’d always end up saying, “I guess we are contributing to a new wing or book,” because of all of my overdraft notices. I can’t explain why they would be late and I know it sounds foolish, but again I get distracted I guess.

Years later, it has become a place for us to study, escape and even work with tutors when needed. Every person that works there is so helpful. No matter how little information I have about a book I’m questing about, they never seem to give up looking for it. Another favorite of mine is all the Books on Tape they have, oh CD’s I mean. I love listening to them as I’m On The Road each day.

Now the only frustration that I have with our library and I know this may not be politically correct, and it puts my John in a bit of a pickle with me typing it to you, but I just so wish they were open more. Maybe Saturday’s until 5 and even 12 to 5 on Sunday’s. I know, I know, most libraries are closed on Sunday’s and our hours may be better than most places in the state, but I don’t care, we need more library hours in our town! We just do, even staying open to 9pm would help weekdays. Most important, we are just so lucky to have the great women that work there at our service, ready to help. Hey say thank you and tell them what a great job they do the next time you are in.

The bad thing about getting up so early is that by now, and it is 7:30am, I’m starving! Too cute one of my dearest friends in the world is also here, and last night when we all came back from dinner out of the blue she said, “you know Sherry you can really eat!” She is just so right, I completely love food, and last night for some reason I had this huge cheeseburger. I know, I know it was a seafood place, but that’s what I felt like and I completely love seafood! But anyway, I’m starving again. I hope I can finish typing, but see I do get distracted.

A business in town I should have written about long ago is our own Edible Fruit Arrangements right in what I call the Cross Roads plaza. The first time we experienced Edible Fruit was when my dear neighbors Tracy and Pete moved in next to us. For Christmas that first year, they sent us a box of Chocolate covered Strawberries! There could not be a better gift and something for the whole family.

It seems every time I order from them though, it’s in complete last minute haste. And you know what, they figure it out and somehow make the order happen. Tuesday I rushed in at 3 O’clock, arms flailing I think at my side, and God Bless Karen Richardson, I’m not sure why she doesn’t hide when she sees me coming through the door but she smiles and figures out how to help me. This time I needed an arrangement to be sent to our friends in upstate NY for a precious little family that’s first baby just turned a year old. Problem: Tuesday was his birthday and out of state deliveries were just about to stop for the day. It was 3 O’clock and they close at 5! Well by 7 O’clock that evening we were getting an over the top happy call, on the right day (his birthday!) thanking us for remembering their special day.

Hey, maybe I have a food theme going on this week too! Completely by accident I walked into a brand new business in Derry called Creative Kitchens. I just love when this happens, I had stopped in to see Eddy at LaCarreta’s in Derry and then was about to drive away when just around the corner I saw this new sign and through the window I noticed all these beautiful stainless steel tables, counters and cooking tools! Now this is my kind of place I thought. I tried to open the door and was so disappointed when it was locked. I never tend to just walk away from a locked door, so I stood there doing my Sherry disappointed, why can’t someone be in there face, rattling the door again, and suddenly this lovely women with a welcoming smile walks toward me and unlocks the door. It was Neelima Gogumalla, Owner and Founder of Creative Chef Kitchens.

Wait until you read what this is all about! This is a place, the only one of its kind in our area or NH that I know of, that you can go into and prepare large amounts of food for a gathering you are having or perhaps you are starting your own cookie business, fudge, pasta, whatever it is food business and you can prepare it there in a completely approved area. All you have to do is a get a license from the town of Derry, which Neelima said is very straight forward, it takes a few days for your idea to be approved and then you can prepare your food at the Kitchen.

If a home chef wanted to sell their product to the public from their own kitchen, it is a very lengthy almost impossible process but working with Creative Chef Kitchen, makes the process easy and cooks can prepare much greater amounts in much less time. While I was there I also met Mohini who is an aspiring business women. She makes delicious nutritious cookies. She started off small with a dream and just recently she was offered a contract with a National Grocery Store chain because they are so very impressed with her cookies. How great is that? This place is amazing. For a very low hourly fee you can rent the area that you need to create. I still can’t get over it and everything is so neat and pristine.

Mohini who is the manager also, will be offering cooking classes, presentations and all kinds of things to us. When you are in Derry stop by and check it out. This is one of the greatest concepts I have seen in such a long time. We are so lucky that they are right here with us!

Well I can’t believe I have been typing away and now it is after 11:00 am! John and I did take a break and headed to McDonald’s while the girls were sleeping. They have great coffee for $1.00 and I love that I can order 3, yes 3 scrambled eggs on one plate, nothing else add a little ketchup and I’m good to go! Oh I love their oatmeal too!

Let me know if you see any falling stars… With A Grateful Heart Sherry

Oh the funny story I was going to tell you about, when we were leaving to catch our very early morning flight, we had to get up at 2:30 am. When this happens I love to play really loud music that kind of goes along with the place we are traveling too. This Wednesday morning the only thing I could think of was Aladdin music, even though we weren’t headed to Disney I thought they would get the idea. The first song was that jungle theme music with animal sounds and horns, birds. I made it very loud throughout “just” the whole house, so I thought.

As the girls awoke to these loud Aladdin jungle sounds, the phone rang. I thought this was weird, why would our phone be ringing in the middle of the night. John answered and it was our neighbor Bob. Bob asked, “Is everything okay over there?” John said, “Hey, Bob. Why?” Bob said, “Well John, is Sherry trying to serenade the neighborhood? There is this loud jungle music playing outside!” John quickly realized that when I put the music on I had forgotten to make sure it wasn’t playing outside on our back deck. Oh Dear, it was though! When I checked my phone later this is what I saw: 2:58 am “Are you ok over there? There is loud music playing outside.” Bob.

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