April Arts and Crafts

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I believe children learn best when they do not even realize they are learning! Enjoy these activities that incorporate hands-on projects while touching on a child’s five senses.  Three major academic areas, math, science and language, are focused on, as well as some crafty and tasty treats.

Have Fun and Enjoy Your Children!

April Theme:  Our Earth

Song: Earth Day (Twinkle Twinkle)
(Earth Day is April 22nd)
Earth Day, Earth Day,?Comes once a year.
But we should make our message clear.
Love and clean our Earth each day.
Make that plan a plan to stay.
Earth Day, Earth Day,?Comes once a year,
Love and care for our Earth so dear.

Science:  Gravity Test
Need: Objects that can be dropped without breaking (feather, penny, dollar bill, tissue etc..), high area you can stand over and drop items (staircase, outside deck, slide)

  • Talk about gravity and how it keeps things on our Earth.
  • Explain that in space there isn’t any gravity and you would float.
  • Have fun dropping two different items to see which one would be pulled to the ground from Gravity first.
  • Take guesses to see if you are right.

Math: How Big is our Earth and Moon?
Need: Cotton Balls, gallon size bag

  • Have your child guess how many moons would fit inside the Earth.
  • Show them one cotton ball and tell them that is the moon.
  • Then together, count out 50 cotton balls and put them in the ziplock bag and form a circle.
  • This represents the Earth.

Tasty Treat: Edible Flying Saucers
Need: Large rice cakes, frosting, M&M’s, rope licorice

  • Let your child frost the rice cake and then use the M&M’s to decorate the side of the rice cake, these are the lights.
  • Use the licorice as the antennas.
  • Enjoy!

Language: Alien Interviews
Need: Paper, pen

  • Have your child pretend to be an Alien from outer space that has landed on Earth.
  • Pretend you are a reporter and interview them, write down their answers.
  • Ask them:  What Planet are they from, what do they like to do on their planet, what is their Alien name, what do they eat, why did they come to Earth, etc…
  • Switch roles and let your child be the interviewer and you be the alien.

Art:  We Love Earth
Need: paper plate, blue paint, paintbrush, green construction paper, cotton balls, glue

  • Explain to your child that our planet Earth is special because it is the only planet that has water.  This is why we have living things on Earth.
  • Show them a picture of Earth from outer space.
  • Ask them what they think the blue, green and white parts are.
  • Have your child paint the paper plate blue to represent the water.
  • Draw some land on the green paper, let them cut the land out.
  • After the plate dries glue the land on the water.
  • Take a cotton ball and stretch it out and glue over the plate, these are the clouds.

Corrie Binette is the owner of The Learning Stop. It is located in the Londonderry Commons on 44 Nashua Road. The Learning Stop is a Preschool-Kindergarten and also provides after Moose Hill care and drop-off hours. For more information please visit their website or call 434-0082.

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